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kitchen-docker 的反向依赖 2.10.0

sensu-plugins-http 6.1.0

This plugin provides native HTTP instrumentation for moni...

3,714,709 下载

sensu-plugins-load-checks 5.1.0

This plugin provides native load instrumentation for moni...

2,843,376 下载

sensu-plugins-logs 4.0.0

This plugin provides native log instrumentation for monit...

792,166 下载

sensu-plugins-redis 5.0.0

This plugin provides native Redis instrumentation for mon...

781,208 下载

sensu-plugins-elasticsearch 4.2.0

This plugin provides native ElasticSearch instrumentation ...

739,312 下载

sensu-plugins-docker 4.0.0

This plugin provides native Docker instrumentation for mo...

471,594 下载

sensu-plugins-dns 3.0.0

This plugin provides native DNS instrumentation for monit...

398,855 下载

linecook-gem 0.7.36

Build and snapshot a system image for distribution, CI, or both using real chef cookboo...

89,681 下载

sensu-plugins-opsgenie 5.0.0

Sensu plugins for Opsgenie

76,207 下载

sensu-plugins-postgres 4.0.1

This plugin provides native PostgreSQL instrumentation fo...

69,452 下载

sensu-plugins-mesos 2.5.0

This plugin provides navite Mesos instrumentation for monitoring ...

68,140 下载

sensu-plugins-azurerm 4.0.1

This plugin provides checks for Microsoft Azure's Resource Manager service.

58,861 下载

poise-boiler 1.18.1

Boilerplate-reduction helpers for Poise/Halite-style gemss.

56,468 下载

fhcap-cli 0.4.16

FHCAP Command Line Tool

15,630 下载

sensu-plugins-beanstalk 3.0.0

Sensu plugins for beanstalk

12,519 下载

garcun 0.1.1

A useful collection of methods to make cooking more fun

10,964 下载

sensu-plugins-meta 1.0.10

This plugin provides a way to call other check plugins multiple times as a single check.

10,724 下载

sensu-plugins-dcos 0.4.2

This plugin provides native dcos-metrics instrumentation ...

9,173 下载

sensu-plugins-docker-swarm 3.3.6

This plugin provides native Docker instrumentation for mo...

3,882 下载

kitchen-chef-extended-attributes 0.2.0

Plugin for test-kitchen that extends the chef_solo provisioner with ...

2,912 下载

sensu-plugins-vault 0.0.2

Sensu Vault plugins

2,460 下载

sensu-plugins-kafka2 0.0.1

Sensu kafka plugins

2,165 下载

chef_sous_vide 0.2.0

SousVide is a Chef Handler who will precisely track a converge process of your recipes ...

1,719 下载

sensu-plugins-system-services 0.0.3

Check for failing system services

1,560 下载

sensu-plugins-puppet-disabled 0.0.1

Check for disabled puppet agent

1,514 下载

sensu-plugins-gitlab 0.0.1

Sensu gitlab plugins

1,263 下载

sensu-plugins-restic 0.2.1

Sensu restic plugins

953 下载

sensu-plugins-routeros 0.1.0

Sensu routeros plugins

864 下载

sumo-check-redis-length 0.0.1

a simple sensu check to check redis length values

806 下载

sumo-check-redis-integer 0.0.1

a simple sensu check to check redis integer values

724 下载

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