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jekyll-data 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require jekyll-data

linaro-jekyll-theme 1.3

This is the default Linaro Jekyll Theme used on Linaro Static sites.

127,875 下载

jekyll-theme-open-project 2.1.1

Open Project Jekyll theme

37,008 下载

classic-jekyll-theme 2.5.0

A responsive 1, 2 or 3 column theme for wide, medium and narrow with drop(down) menu. T...

30,796 下载

academic 0.5.8

Academic is a Jekyll theme with a focus on simplicity, typography and flexibility.

26,461 下载

jekyll-theme-isotc211 0.6.0

ISO/TC 211 Jekyll theme

14,751 下载

jekyll-theme-bas-style-kit 0.10.0

Jekyll theme for the BAS Style Kit

9,577 下载

lone-wolf-theme 1.1.0

This theme is for jekyll static site generator. It uses Bootstrap 4 with beautiful ...

3,214 下载

geolexica-site 1.5.1

Geolexica sites generator based on Jekyll

3,162 下载

jekyll-uikit 0.3.0

Build a beautiful portfolio website in minutes with Jekyll-UiKit!

2,799 下载

editorial-autogestiva-jekyll-theme 0.2.7

Una plantilla para editoriales autogestivas

2,504 下载

amp_base_theme 0.0.13

A starter pack for AMP-based ( Jekyll sites

2,002 下载

benimal-mistakes-jekyll 0.3.0

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme based on minimal mistakes by Michael Rose.

1,775 下载

jekyll-theme-isotc154 0.0.5

ISO/TC 154 Jekyll theme for official ISO TC websites

1,622 下载

jekyll-plus 0.2.0

A tool to simplify Jekyll experience with theme-gems.

1,608 下载

jumbo-jekyll-theme-test 1.0.4

The jumbo-jekyll-theme aims to provide an fast static theme for use across Linaro sites...

1,398 下载

ark-jekyll-theme 0.0.2

ARK (Acts of Random Kindness). A minimal Jekyll theme with a focus on writing.

1,167 下载

adhesiones-jekyll-theme 0.2.1

Plantilla para juntar adhesiones

971 下载

freelancer-theme-jekyll 1.0.0

Freelancer is a one page Bootstrap portfolio theme for freelancers.

754 下载

share-to-fediverse-jekyll-theme 0.1.4

A share to Fediverse microwebsite

679 下载

sutty-donaciones-jekyll-theme 0.1.2

A theme for a donation page

624 下载

particular-theme-jekyll 0.1

Particular is a cheerful, responsive Bootstrap theme for hosting personal resumés.

403 下载

radios-comunitarias-jekyll-theme 0.1.3

Theme for community radio

349 下载

swiftfire-jekyll-theme 0.2.0

A responsive 1, 2 or 3 column theme for wide, medium and narrow with drop(down) menu. T...

222 下载

recursero-jekyll-theme 0.1.0

Theme used in inspired by CloudCannon's base-jekyll-template

70 下载

下载总次数 181,536

这个版本 21,372

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