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irbの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require irb

capybara 3.38.0

Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications. It simulates h...

173,732,025 ダウンロード

simctl 1.6.10

Ruby interface to xcrun simctl

46,735,998 ダウンロード

power_assert 2.0.3

Power Assert shows each value of variables and method calls in the expression. It is us...

37,021,811 ダウンロード

debug 1.7.1

Debugging functionality for Ruby. This is completely rewritten debug.rb which was conta...

8,282,502 ダウンロード

postgresql_cursor 0.6.8

PostgreSQL Cursor is an extension to the ActiveRecord PostgreSQLAdapter for very larg...

2,093,456 ダウンロード

run_loop 4.9.0

The bridge between Calabash iOS and Xcode command-line tools like instruments and simctl.

1,719,794 ダウンロード

braid 1.1.9

A simple tool for tracking vendor branches in git.

864,719 ダウンロード

apparition 0.6.0

Apparition is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on Chrome in a he...

567,130 ダウンロード

credit_card_sanitizer 0.7.0

Credit card sanitizer

445,664 ダウンロード

irbtools 4.0.3

The Irbtools make working with Ruby's IRB console more fun & productive.

421,042 ダウンロード

rubygems-tasks 0.2.5

Agnostic and unobtrusive Rake tasks for managing and releasing Ruby Gems.

362,520 ダウンロード

iruby 0.7.4

A Ruby kernel for Jupyter environment. Try it at

346,269 ダウンロード

aws-xray 0.39.0

The unofficial X-Ray Tracing SDK for Ruby.

218,360 ダウンロード

asciidoctor-revealjs 4.1.0

Converts AsciiDoc documents into HTML5 presentations designed to be executed by the rev...

187,926 ダウンロード

quandl 1.2.0

A ruby implementation of the quandl client to be used as an ORM for quandl's restful APIs.

155,212 ダウンロード

bitrise-client 0.3.1

A ruby client for Bitrise API

134,695 ダウンロード

peatio 2.6.5

Peatio gem contains microservices and command line tools

110,600 ダウンロード

strum 0.1.3

Light ruby framework.

106,298 ダウンロード

ruby-bbcode 2.1.1

Convert BBCode to HTML and check whether the BBCode is valid.

91,486 ダウンロード

radiator 0.4.9

Client for accessing the Hive/Steem blockchain.

83,316 ダウンロード

peatio-dash 2.6.1

Peatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

62,584 ダウンロード

xapian-fu 1.7.0

A library to provide a more Ruby-like interface to the Xapian search engine.

52,852 ダウンロード

isomorfeus-puppetmaster 0.8.5

Acceptance testing for isomorfeus.

50,616 ダウンロード

shoptet 0.0.43

API wrapper for interacting with Shoptet api

48,148 ダウンロード

snapsync 0.5.0

Snapsync is a tool that automates transferring snapper snapshots to external media (USB...

41,979 ダウンロード

chimera_http_client 1.5.1

The Chimera http client offers an easy to learn interface and consistent error handling...

39,316 ダウンロード

diva 2.0.1

Implementation of expression for handling things.

35,630 ダウンロード

jabber_admin 1.1.0

Library for the ejabberd RESTful admin API

35,018 ダウンロード

peatio-electrum 2.6.3

Peatio Plugin for Electrum server

33,762 ダウンロード

cute_print 1.4.0

cute_print writes debug output to stderr. Optionally prints the source filename and li...

32,394 ダウンロード

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