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httpi 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require httpi

wasabi 3.6.1

A simple WSDL parser

36,478,572 下载

savon 2.12.1

Heavy metal SOAP client

34,950,172 下载

google-ads-common 1.0.3

Essential utilities shared by all Ads Ruby client libraries

3,782,725 下载

google-ads-savon 1.0.4

Delicious SOAP for the Ruby community

3,342,393 下载

api-auth 2.5.0

Full HMAC auth implementation for use in your gems and Rails apps.

2,998,989 下载

savon_model 1.2.0

Model for SOAP service oriented applications

307,984 下载

oddb2xml 2.7.4

oddb2xml creates xml files using swissINDEX, BAG-XML and Swissmedic.

218,245 下载

active_campaign 0.1.16

A simple ruby wrapper for the ActiveCampaign API

170,748 下载

washout_builder 2.0.5

WashOut Soap Service HTML-Documentation generator (extends WashOut

146,795 下载

gitcycle 0.3.5

Tame your development cycle.

145,521 下载

mandrill 0.0.4

Ruby gem for interacting with the Mandrill API.

111,556 下载

qbwc 1.1.0

A Rails interface for Intuit's Quickbooks Web Connector that's OPEN SOURCE!

87,157 下载

Afip 1.5.6

Gema para la comunicacion con los Web Services de AFIP.

82,199 下载

bixby-common 0.7.1

Bixby Common files/libs

65,973 下载

uv-rays 2.4.7

Opinionated abstractions for Libuv

64,661 下载

wsdl_validator 0.1.8

Makes verifying a SOAP message against a WSDL easy.

48,763 下载

conf_conf 2.0.4

Verify correctness of environment variables

38,182 下载

stockboy 1.3.2

Supports importing data over various transports with key-value remapping & normaliz...

36,021 下载

icontrol 0.3.9

This gem allows you to Connect to a F5 appliance by means of its web services

34,938 下载

geti 1.9

A middleware gem for interfacing with Global eTelecom's ACH processing service.

33,596 下载

smess 2.0.5

A mess of SMS messaging

32,144 下载

sisow 2.0

This gem implements the REST API of the Sisow payment provider.

31,380 下载

lyracyst 1.3.1

See Leximaven

29,898 下载

bixby-client 0.5.3

Bixby Client

29,585 下载

anti-captcha 0.1.1

AntiCaptcha api ruby wrapper

28,075 下载

apidiesel 0.15

Build API clients through an expressive DSL

27,459 下载

kuji-cube 1.7.0

Eases the pain I had to go through to get to the data out of XMLA based OLAP provider(M...

24,024 下载

mavensmate 0.0.9

MavensMate is a Sublime Text package that allows developers to develop Apex a...

23,756 下载

memotoo 2.0.3

Unofficial gem for connecting to with their soap-api and handle your contac...

23,679 下载

karotz 0.4.2

ruby bindings for karotz rest api

23,206 下载

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这个版本 5,144,953

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9.2