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Dependencias inversas para http Latest version of the following gems require http

webmock 3.14.0

WebMock allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests.

129.502.355 Descargas

airbrake 12.0.0

Airbrake is an online tool that provides robust exception tracking in any of your Ruby ...

32.543.319 Descargas

twitter 7.0.0

A Ruby interface to the Twitter API.

16.233.810 Descargas

kubeclient 4.9.2

A client for Kubernetes REST api

13.799.245 Descargas

down 5.2.4

Robust streaming downloads using Net::HTTP, HTTP.rb or wget.

5.699.453 Descargas

geckodriver-helper 0.24.0

Easy installation and use of geckodriver, that provides the HTTP API described by the W...

4.335.293 Descargas

ld-eventsource 2.1.1

LaunchDarkly SSE client for Ruby

4.069.297 Descargas

launchdarkly-server-sdk 6.2.5

Official LaunchDarkly SDK for Ruby

3.298.000 Descargas

api-auth 2.5.0

Full HMAC auth implementation for use in your gems and Rails apps.

3.166.827 Descargas

httplog 1.5.0

Log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helpful for tracking API calls ...

2.117.690 Descargas

elastic-apm 4.3.0

The official Elastic APM agent for Ruby

2.035.992 Descargas

contentful 2.16.1

Ruby client for the Content Delivery API

2.018.735 Descargas

libhoney 2.0.0

Ruby gem for sending data to Honeycomb

1.633.597 Descargas

gitlab-qa 7.11.0

Integration tests for GitLab

1.609.740 Descargas

geckodriver-bin 0.28.0

Easy installation and use of geckodriver, that provides the HTTP API described by the W...

1.504.020 Descargas

contentful-management 3.3.0

Ruby client for the Content Management API

1.092.584 Descargas

zabbixapi 4.2.0

Allows you to work with zabbix api from ruby.

895.186 Descargas

sniffer 0.4.0

Analyze HTTP Requests

860.708 Descargas

miasma 0.3.8

Smoggy API

778.399 Descargas

taxjar-ruby 3.0.2

Ruby wrapper for Taxjar API, more info at

693.204 Descargas

vacuum 4.0.0

A wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API

523.030 Descargas

dropbox-sdk-v2 0.0.3

A Ruby library for the new Dropbox API.

419.763 Descargas

maxmind-geoip2 1.0.0

A gem for interacting with the GeoIP2 webservices and databases. MaxMind provides geolo...

356.830 Descargas

solr_wrapper 3.1.2

Solr service wrapper

350.348 Descargas

api-ai-ruby 2.1.0

Plugin makes it easy to integrate your Ruby application with natural lan...

326.342 Descargas

adhearsion 2.6.4

Adhearsion is an open-source telephony development framework

288.852 Descargas

correios-cep 0.8.0

Correios CEP gem finds updated Brazilian addresses by zipcode, directly from Correios d...

266.798 Descargas

reel 0.6.1

A Celluloid::IO-powered HTTP server

218.533 Descargas

ibm_watson 2.1.3

Official client library to use the IBM Watson Services

211.834 Descargas

ibm_cloud_sdk_core 1.1.3

Official IBM Cloud SDK core library

172.859 Descargas

Total de descargas 60.452.311

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