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http-cookie 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require http-cookie

nhkore 0.3.10

Scrapes NHK News Web (Easy) for the word frequency (core list) for Japanese language le...

7,117 下载

singleton-ruby 0.1.6

Singleton Ruby client

6,572 下载

xiami_radio 1.1.11

A Xiami radio player by command-line on ruby, help you listening to the Xiami via a gee...

6,266 下载

mvclient 0.0.4

A minimal Motivosity API v1 wrapper for Ruby, plus a command-line tool

5,980 下载

scruber 0.1.9

Crawling framework

5,042 下载

importio 2.0.1

Connect to the APIs using your Ruby application

4,170 下载

garoon-cat 0.3.0

Garoon Cat: A Ruby interface to the Garoon API.

4,023 下载

translatomatic 0.2.0

File translation and conversion utility

3,698 下载

cookie_http_client 0.0.3

HTTP clinet with cookie support.

3,691 下载

dokuwiki 1.1

The DokuWiki library is used for automating interaction with a DokuWiki server.

3,348 下载

parallel588_polipus 0.4.1

An easy to use distributed web-crawler framework based on Redis

3,326 下载

rack_toolkit 0.1.1

This gem makes it easier to start a Puma server that will bind to a dynamic free port b...

2,323 下载

dominosjp 0.2.0

A ruby gem for ordering Domino's Pizza in Japan via CLI 🍕

2,303 下载

cvprac 1.0.1

Arista REST API Client for CloudVision Portal

2,191 下载

agentx 0.0.2

A tool for doing things on the Internet.

2,162 下载

dangeru 1.0.0

Awoo / danger/u/ API wrapper for ruby

2,138 下载

guitarparty_client 0.1.1

Provides an easy to use Ruby gem to interact with the Guitarparty API. To see usage inf...

2,129 下载

cannon 0.0.2

Cannon is a fast web framework

1,922 下载


[![Build Status](](http://...

1,891 下载

singleton-cldr-rb 0.0.6

A Ruby lib for Singleton L2 support

1,695 下载

alinta-rest-client 2.2.0

A simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra microframework style of...

1,110 下载

rg_refresh 0.1.2

Automated refresh script for the AT&T Residential Gateway bypass

912 下载


Singleton Ruby client

675 下载

ruby-requests 0.0.1.a1

A library for HTTP requests that aims to provide the same API as the Requests library i...

565 下载

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这个版本 13,817,893

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