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Reverse dependencies for grpc-tools Latest version of the following gems require grpc-tools

googleapis-common-protos-types 1.0.6

Common protocol buffer types used by Google APIs

40,842,919 下載

googleapis-common-protos 1.3.11

Common gRPC and protocol buffer classes used in Google APIs

21,101,373 下載

grpc-google-iam-v1 0.6.11

Common protos and gRPC services for Google IAM

13,468,848 下載

gitlab-labkit 0.18.0

Instrumentation for GitLab

11,788,691 下載

google-cloud-spanner 2.7.0

google-cloud-spanner is the official library for Google Cloud Spanner API.

787,922 下載

gruf 2.10.0

gRPC Ruby Framework for building complex gRPC applications at scale

749,760 下載

newrelic-infinite_tracing 7.1.0

The New Relic Ruby agent requires the gem newrelic_rpm, and it includes distributed tra...

108,980 下載

strongdm 1.0.22

strongDM Ruby Library for automating interactions with strongDM.

107,102 下載

gauge-ruby 0.5.4

Adds Ruby support into Gauge tests

104,801 下載

grpc_mock 0.4.4

Library for stubbing grpc in Ruby

80,693 下載

metasploit-aggregator 1.0.0


76,802 下載

protip 0.36

Resources backed by protobuf messages

74,165 下載

grpc_prometheus 0.1.0

Expose a Prometheus metric endpoint to monitor gRPC server

69,227 下載

grpc_kit 0.5.1

A kit for creating gRPC server/client

39,423 下載

radar-api 2.12.0

Radar API

37,734 下載

nonnative 1.48.0

Allows you to keep using the power of ruby to test other systems

28,233 下載

prefab-cloud-ruby 0.6.0

RateLimits & Config as a service

16,933 下載

partiarelic 0.1.2

Rack middleware and application to enable NewRelic agent.

16,203 下載

gapic-generator 0.7.5

An API Client Generator for Ruby in Ruby!

14,454 下載

gapic-generator-cloud 0.7.5

An API Client Generator for Ruby in Ruby!

14,259 下載

cloudkeeper 2.0.0

Synchronize cloud appliances between AppDB and cloud platforms

13,976 下載

cloudkeeper-one 2.0.0

OpenNebula backend for cloudkeeper

11,050 下載

istox_gruf 2.7.3

gRPC Ruby Framework for building complex gRPC applications at scale

10,494 下載

grpclb 0.5.3

grpclb ruby protocol

9,555 下載

zeebe-client 0.14.0

Zeebe client containing a simple wrapper for the GRPC protocol used by

9,074 下載

gnfinder 0.11.0

The gem searches for scientific names in texts using gRPC server r...

8,404 下載

bitcoinrb-grpc 0.1.9

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

8,296 下載

tensorflow_serving_client 0.2.1

A Ruby client library for Tensorflow Serving

5,662 下載

libra_client 0.2.1

A ruby client for Libra network.

5,494 下載

gapic-generator-ads 0.7.5

An API Client Generator for Ruby in Ruby!

4,933 下載

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