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fattrの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require fattr

main 6.2.3

a class factory and dsl for generating command line programs real quick

3,160,439 ダウンロード

sekrets 1.13.0

sekrets is a command line tool and library used to securely manage encrypted files and ...

435,629 ダウンロード

dao 8.0.1

presenter, conductor, api, and better form objects for you rails' pleasure

69,403 ダウンロード

terminator 1.0.0

an external timeout mechanism based on processes and signals

66,363 ダウンロード

ro 1.4.6

description: ro kicks the ass

38,622 ダウンロード

lre 0.3.1


37,922 ダウンロード

sdbtools 0.5.0

SDBTools layers a higher-level OO interface on top of RightAWS, as well as providing so...

25,261 ダウンロード

leadlight 0.1.0

Rose colored stained glass windows for HTTP.

22,461 ダウンロード

rabal 0.3.3

Rabal is the Ruby Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries. Taking ideas fr...

21,322 ダウンロード

rails_errors2html 1.5.1

description: rails_errors2html kicks the ass

19,458 ダウンロード

mongoid-haystack 1.4.2

a mongoid 3 zero-config, zero-integration, POLS pure mongo fulltext solution

18,858 ダウンロード

mharris_ext 1.7.1

mharris717 utlity methods

16,598 ダウンロード

GFunk911-mharris_ext 1.4.4


16,440 ダウンロード

dooby 0.3.1

Handle your to-do/notes list through the command line

14,601 ダウンロード


Code metrics from Flog, Flay, Simplecov-RCov, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi, Rails' stats...

14,100 ダウンロード

you_shall_not_pass 0.4.0

Embrace authorization with this simple library.

13,912 ダウンロード

mongo_delegate 0.2.0

restful interface to delegate mongodb records

13,144 ダウンロード

attr_init 0.1.4

Reader structs for ruby finally!.

12,711 ダウンロード

asana2flowdock 1.3.0

asana2flowdock relays asana events into flowdock awesomely

12,471 ダウンロード

vectra 0.1.3

Easily interface with the Vectra API for consuming detections, threats and events

10,531 ダウンロード

devver-germinate 1.2.0

Germinate is a tool for writing about code. With Germinate, the source code IS the art...

8,991 ダウンロード

to_parsed_obj 0.2.0

parse strings into the appropriate object

8,618 ダウンロード

slackdraft 1.0.3

Slack messaging with half the Kurt Russell

8,551 ダウンロード

videojoiner 0.0.4

This gem contains modules to create a single video file using a set of videos as input,...

7,475 ダウンロード

transparent_git 0.1.0


5,514 ダウンロード

adv_accessor 0.1.0


5,430 ダウンロード

ruby-issues 0.1.2

Issues is a lightweight, git-style command-line issue tracker.

5,047 ダウンロード

devver-germinate-atompub 1.0.1

An Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) plugin for Germinate.

4,808 ダウンロード

make_gallery 0.1.3

Create a set of images for a blog gallery.

4,414 ダウンロード

greg 0.2.0

Simple code generator.

4,287 ダウンロード

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