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Reverse dependencies for fakeweb Latest version of the following gems require fakeweb

paperclip 6.1.0

Easy upload management for ActiveRecord

45,883,548 下載

eye 0.10.0

Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3...

35,886,467 下載

twilio-ruby 5.41.0

The official library for communicating with the Twilio REST API, building TwiML, and ge...

24,157,978 下載

net-ping 2.0.8

The net-ping library provides a ping interface for Ruby. It includes separate TCP, ...

10,301,044 下載

intercom 4.1.1

Intercom ( is a customer relationship management and messaging ...

7,444,370 下載

open_uri_redirections 0.2.1

OpenURI patch to allow redirections between HTTP and HTTPS

6,097,238 下載

httmultiparty 0.3.16

HTTMultiParty is a thin wrapper around HTTParty to provide multipart uploads.

4,194,503 下載

createsend 5.1.0

Implements the complete functionality of the Campaign Monitor API.

1,921,034 下載

paperclip_database 3.1.0

To have all your data in one place: the database

1,662,547 下載

onebox 2.1.4

A gem for generating embeddable HTML previews from URLs.

1,555,955 下載

toadhopper 2.1

A base library for Airbrake error reporting

1,310,745 下載

tinder 1.10.1

A Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire, the 37Signals chat application.

1,289,610 下載

omniauth-shopify-oauth2 2.2.3

Shopify strategy for OmniAuth

1,163,462 下載

google-id-token 1.4.2

Google ID Token utilities; currently just a parser/checker

1,114,217 下載

newrelic_plugin 1.3.1

The New Relic Plugin Gem is used to send plugin data to New Relic from non-application ...

1,057,831 下載

sailthru-client 4.3.0

A simple client library to remotely access the Sailthru REST API.

957,927 下載

hominid 3.0.5

Hominid is a Ruby gem that provides a wrapper for interacting with the Mailchimp email ...

823,695 下載

anemone 0.7.2

Anemone web-spider framework

781,289 下載

chargify_api_ares 1.4.15

A Chargify API wrapper for Ruby using ActiveResource

774,547 下載

robotex 1.0.0

Obey Robots.txt

761,819 下載

legato 0.7.0

Access the Google Analytics Core Reporting and Management APIs with Ruby. Create models...

720,584 下載

mixpanel 4.1.1

Simple lib to track events in Mixpanel service. It can be used in any rack based framew...

691,964 下載

engineyard-cloud-client 2.1.1

This gem connects to the EY Cloud API

629,567 下載

localeapp 3.1.3

Synchronizes i18n translation keys and content with so you don't have to ...

618,532 下載

foursquare2 2.0.2

Gives access to all endpoints in version 2 of foursquare's API with syntax that will be...

606,886 下載

oauth-plugin 0.5.1

Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer

510,465 下載

simplegeo 0.5.3

A SimpleGeo Ruby Client

475,862 下載

paypal-express 0.8.1

PayPal Express Checkout API Client for Instance, Recurring and Digital Goods Payment.

438,369 下載

dashing 1.3.7

This framework lets you build & easily layout dashboards with your own custom widge...

413,461 下載

sendgrid_toolkit 1.4.0

A Ruby wrapper and utility library for communicating with the Sendgrid API.

404,180 下載

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