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eventmachine 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require eventmachine

excon 0.76.0

EXtended http(s) CONnections

148,005,852 下载

websocket-driver 0.7.3

WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O

111,091,112 下载

websocket-driver 0.7.3

WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O

111,091,112 下载

eye 0.10.0

Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3...

32,148,134 下载

em-websocket 0.5.1

EventMachine based WebSocket server

15,688,944 下载

em-http-request 1.1.6

EventMachine based, async HTTP Request client

13,596,617 下载

em-socksify 0.3.2

Transparent proxy support for any EventMachine protocol

13,052,084 下载

faye-websocket 0.11.0

Standards-compliant WebSocket server and client

10,485,726 下载

mailcatcher 0.7.1

MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to...

4,970,810 下载

skinny 0.2.4

Simple, upgradable WebSockets for Thin.

4,822,685 下载

amqp 1.8.0

Mature EventMachine-based RabbitMQ client.

2,989,223 下载

em-synchrony 1.0.6

Fiber aware EventMachine libraries

2,930,618 下载

faye 1.4.0

Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

2,678,790 下载

em_pessimistic 0.2.0

EventMachine's built-in popen does not provide access to stderr. Likewise, it's Deferra...

2,008,041 下载

em-hiredis 0.3.1

Eventmachine redis client using hiredis native parser

1,891,203 下载

cf-uaac 4.2.0

Client command line tools for interacting with the CloudFoundry User Account and Author...

1,753,354 下载

eventmachine-tail 0.6.5

Add file 'tail' implemented with EventMachine. Also includes a 'glob watch' class for w...

1,560,063 下载

lita-slack 1.8.0

Lita adapter for Slack.

1,477,975 下载

puffing-billy 2.3.1

A stubbing proxy server for ruby. Connect it to your browser in integration tests to fa...

1,456,709 下载

remote_syslog 1.6.15

Lightweight daemon to tail one or more log files and transmit UDP syslog messages to a ...

1,289,395 下载

tinder 1.10.1

A Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire, the 37Signals chat application.

1,286,033 下载

twitter-stream 0.1.16

Simple Ruby client library for twitter streaming API. Uses EventMachine for connection ...

1,282,591 下载

amq-client 1.0.4

amq-client is a fully-featured, low-level AMQP 0.9.1 client with pluggable networking I...

821,934 下载

directory_watcher 1.5.1

The directory watcher operates by scanning a directory at some interval and generating ...

748,708 下载

em-pg-client 0.3.4

PostgreSQL asynchronous EventMachine client, based on pg interface (PG::Connection)

745,600 下载

em-postgres 0.0.2

Async PostgreSQL driver for Ruby/Eventmachine

678,378 下载

zscheduler 0.0.8

minimalistic scheduler on top of event-machine

669,090 下载

websocket-client-simple 0.3.0

Simple WebSocket Client for Ruby

655,442 下载

sensu 1.9.0

A monitoring framework that aims to be simple, malleable, and scalable.

625,383 下载

em-proxy 0.1.9

EventMachine Proxy DSL

538,292 下载

下载总次数 115,418,389

这个版本 21,592,350

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Ruby, GPL-2.0

需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 0