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shrine 3.4.0

Shrine is a toolkit for file attachments in Ruby applications. It supports uploading, d...

3,821,278 下载

cnvrg 2.0.17

A CLI tool for interacting with

2,182,483 下载

shrine-url 2.4.1

Provides a fake storage which allows you to create a Shrine attachment defined only by ...

136,018 下载

fontist 1.13.0

Install openly-licensed fonts on Windows, Linux and Mac!

73,530 下载

shrine-fog 2.0.1

Provides Fog storage for Shrine.

70,687 下载

shrine-cloudinary 1.1.1

Provides Cloudinary storage for Shrine.

67,105 下载

miteru 1.1.0

An experimental phishing kit detector

43,457 下载

cloudconvert 1.0.2

A Ruby interface to the CloudConvert API v2.

36,927 下载

china_regions 1.0.8

China Regions is a Ruby on rails interface

28,226 下载

shrine-webdav 0.2.3

Provides a simple WebDAV storage for Shrine.

21,003 下载

cocoapods-dongjia 1.1.7

A short description of cocoapods-dongjia.

16,585 下载

didww-v3 2.0.0

Ruby client for DIDWW API v3

14,503 下载

shrine-flickr 2.0.0

Provides Flickr storage for Shrine.

14,311 下载

mrmanga 0.12.0

Downloader for mintmanga/readmanga

11,523 下载

nhkore 0.3.11

Scrapes NHK News Web (Easy) for the word frequency (core list) for Japanese language le...

9,683 下载

frontview 2.2.7

This gem creates folders and files that are meant for the Views of your rails web app s...

9,084 下载

frontview 2.2.7

This gem creates folders and files that are meant for the Views of your rails web app s...

9,084 下载

foreman_git_templates 1.0.6

Adds support for using templates from Git repositories

7,819 下载

universal-git-client 1.2.12

Use this gem to normalize git providers api responses

7,816 下载

noticesys 0.5.1

A small part of an experimental microblogging system.

6,782 下载

shrine-uploadcare 1.0.0

Provides Uploadcare storage for Shrine.

6,509 下载

dns-sniper 0.0.1.pre8

dns-sniper generates DNS configuration files based on various user-defined blacklists o...

5,832 下载

linkedin_v2 1.1.0

This gem interfaces with the LinkedIn REST API V2

5,328 下载

snowpack 1.0.0.alpha7

Lightweight application framework for Icelab

5,204 下载

examine 0.1.3

Examine your software.

4,353 下载

gs_img_fetcher 0.1.4

A CLI tool that fetches and saves images from URLs given via a plain text file.

3,596 下载

bitreaper 0.1.4

Automated Web-Scraping Client for Ruby using SLD2-like configuration files. Supports XP...

3,593 下载

chanCrawlerGem 0.2.1

This gem scowers 4chan (or any chan copy theoretically) searching for threads that co...

2,663 下载

activestorage-imgur 1.0.1

An ActiveStorage driver for storing images on Imgur hosting.

2,607 下载

inegi-geo 0.0.3

Imports INEGI geospatial database into a readable CSV

2,129 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3