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debuggerの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require debugger

oink 0.10.1

Log parser to identify actions which significantly increase VM heap size

3,144,112 ダウンロード

pry-debugger 0.2.3

Combine 'pry' with 'debugger'. Adds 'step', 'next', and 'continue' commands to control ...

1,858,586 ダウンロード

hogan_assets 1.6.0

Use compiled hogan.js (mustache) JavaScript templates with sprockets and the Rails asse...

609,478 ダウンロード

thor-scmversion 1.7.0

Thor tasks to manage a VERSION file based on SCM tags

438,743 ダウンロード

social_stream 2.2.2

Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine for building social network websites. It suppor...

330,978 ダウンロード

avatars_for_rails 1.1.4

A Rails engine that allows any model to act as avatarable, permitting it to have a comp...

143,064 ダウンロード

social_stream-presence 2.2.1

Social Stream Presence provides everything you need for including presence, instant mes...

142,937 ダウンロード

logical_model 0.6.6

LogicalModel allows to use a resource as a model. It is based on web presentation http:...

117,677 ダウンロード

pg_power 2.0.3

ActiveRecord extensions for PostgreSQL. Provides useful tools for schema, foreign_key, ...

84,658 ダウンロード

hash_dealer 1.6.2

Like Factory Girl but for Hashes only

83,751 ダウンロード


facebook-stub is a gem for stubbing out the Facebook JavaScript API in acceptance and i...

81,918 ダウンロード

no_notifier_needed 2.4.5

A work in progress: Replace ActionMailer::Base class redundency. Temlating using haml o...

79,205 ダウンロード

safe_cookies 0.2.2

Make all cookies `secure` and `HttpOnly`.

77,605 ダウンロード

link-checker 0.7.2

A Ruby gem for checking the links in a web site. Can either scan files or crawl pages. ...

73,012 ダウンロード

call_with_params 0.0.2

Call a Proc with an arbitrary number of params. The Proc will only be passed the number...

72,370 ダウンロード

conductor 0.9.4

Conductor is the bastard child of a/b testing and personalization. It throws everythin...

70,925 ダウンロード

page_object_wrapper 1.6.1

Wraps watir-webdriver with convenient testing interface, based on PageObjects automatio...

65,318 ダウンロード

adyen-admin 0.0.18

A little Gem to make your life easier when dealing with Adyen skins

62,386 ダウンロード

scraperwiki 3.0.2

A library for scraping web pages and saving data easily

60,042 ダウンロード

dm-parse 0.3.20

An extension to make DataMapper working on

59,948 ダウンロード

git-storyid 0.5.2

Helps include pivotal story id and description in commit

56,127 ダウンロード

testrail 0.0.3

A Ruby client that tries to match TestRail's API one-to-one, while still providing ...

54,682 ダウンロード

mince 2.3.0

Library to interact with databases, not tied to rails, and not tied to active record pa...

51,152 ダウンロード

rails_engine_decorators 1.0.0

Extend Rails Engine's business logic (models, controllers, helpers, etc.) easily from y...

48,233 ダウンロード

hashy_db 2.1.0

Ruby library to interact with in-memory hash database collections. Offers very little t...

48,018 ダウンロード

walmart_open 0.1.3

Ruby implementation for Walmart Open API.

47,674 ダウンロード

DateSetter 1.4.2

It sets a random date in given range

46,048 ダウンロード

lobby 0.0.27

Lightweight authentication for my projects

42,477 ダウンロード

hashie-model 1.4.2

Hashie2 + ActiveModel 3, offering declared properties, validations, JSON serialization/...

38,810 ダウンロード

hentry_consumer 0.8.3

A microformats 2 h-entry parser. Fully Deprecated. Please see:

38,131 ダウンロード

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