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Reverse dependencies for database_cleaner-active_record Latest version of the following gems require database_cleaner-active_record

database_cleaner 2.0.1

Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean slate for testing.

106,927,772 下載

database_cleaner-core 2.0.1

Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean slate for testing.

7,690,038 下載

isolator 0.8.0

Detect non-atomic interactions within DB transactions

905,682 下載

inst-jobs 3.0.7

Instructure-maintained fork of delayed_job

840,805 下載

devise_cas_authenticatable 2.0.1

CAS authentication module for Devise

314,277 下載

tiddle 1.7.0

Token authentication for Devise which supports multiple tokens per model

251,147 下載

ruby_rabbitmq_janus 4.0.1

This gem is used to communicate to a server Janus through RabbitMQ software (Message-...

153,698 下載

egov_utils 0.6.4

We hope it will help create better systems for all the eGoverment. In Czech Republic an...

70,856 下載

postgres_upsert 5.1.0

Uses Postgres's powerful COPY command to upsert large sets of data into ActiveRecord ta...

34,865 下載

redis-memo 1.1.0

A Redis-based version-addressable caching system. Memoize pure functions, aggregated da...

24,950 下載

enumbler 0.9.2

A more complete description is forthcoming.

23,403 下載

yaaf 2.2.0

Easing the form object pattern in Rails applications.

23,378 下載

this_feature 0.7.0

Feature flag control

18,469 下載

rokaki 0.8.4

A dsl for filtering data in web requests

14,569 下載

dumped_railers 0.4.1

DumpedRailers helps you take a snapshot of ActiveRecord models in Rails-compatible fixt...

14,206 下載

fancy_count 1.0.4

A small library to count things. Use Redis, Memory, or bring your own storage!

13,472 下載

abyme 0.6.5

abyme is the modern way to handle dynamic nested forms in Rails 6+.

12,625 下載

dokno 1.4.7

Dokno allows you to easily mount a self-contained knowledgebase / wiki / help system to...

8,621 下載

activerecord-wrapped_transaction 0.9.0

Wrap transactions in a manner that detects if the transaction completed

8,472 下載

graphql-groups 0.2.1

GraphQL Groups makes it easy to add aggregation queries to your GraphQL schema. It comb...

8,305 下載

attr_masker 0.3.1

It is desired to mask certain attributes of certain models by modifying the database.

7,909 下載

lcms-engine 0.3.1

Implements common components and features for Rails-based LCMS systems

5,774 下載

graphql_preload_queries 0.4.0

Permit to avoid N+1 queries problem when using graphql queries

5,422 下載

shiftable 0.7.0

Move single records (has_one) or collections (has_many) from one parent (belongs_to) to...

4,856 下載

travis-backup 0.3.0

Travis CI backup tool

4,751 下載

care 0.1.6

Common concerns for docshell microservices

4,443 下載

keypairs 1.1.0

Manage application level keypairs with automatic rotation and JWT support

3,631 下載

timescaledb 0.1.5

Functions from timescaledb available in the ActiveRecord models.

2,108 下載

telegram_chatbot 0.1.3

TelegramChatbot setting with chatgroup.

1,954 下載

arqo 0.2.0

Easing the query object pattern in Rails applications.

1,721 下載

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