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Dependencias inversas para coffee-script-source Latest version of the following gems require coffee-script-source

sprockets 4.0.2

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

226.090.963 Descargas

coffee-script 2.4.1

Ruby CoffeeScript is a bridge to the JS CoffeeScript compiler.

146.215.077 Descargas

poltergeist 1.18.1

Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless We...

25.448.264 Descargas

jekyll-coffeescript 2.0.0

A CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll.

3.046.442 Descargas

coffee-rails-source-maps 1.4.0

Adds support to Rails for CoffeeScript Source Maps

636.781 Descargas

blade 0.7.1

Sprockets test runner and toolkit

436.204 Descargas

skim 0.10.0

Fat-free client-side templates with Slim and CoffeeScript

301.749 Descargas


Lalala: Probably the best CMS in the world

188.356 Descargas

fanforce-plugin-factory 1.6.1

Everything needed to setup a new plugin on Fanforce

163.041 Descargas

scrivito_editors 1.17.0

Scrivito Editors

149.474 Descargas

twitter_cldr_js 3.2.0

Provides date, time, number, and list formatting functionality for various Twitter-supp...

42.493 Descargas

fat_free_crm 0.18.1

An open source, Ruby on Rails customer relationship management platform

40.010 Descargas

jasmine-coverage 0.3.2

A gem that runs jasmine javascript tests with all the goodness of coverage reports.

34.058 Descargas

bwoken 2.0.0

iOS UIAutomation Test Runner

33.464 Descargas

retter 0.2.5

Flyweight diary workflow. ruby-1.9.2 or later is required.

30.393 Descargas

mako 1.0.6

Compiles widgets and creates scaffolds for Materia run by Learning Systems and Technolo...

15.787 Descargas

twee2 0.5.0

Designed for those who preferred the Twee (for Twine 1) approach to source management, ...

11.962 Descargas

delogger 0.3.8

This gem is moved to !! Turn your console on and ...

11.750 Descargas

js_rake_tasks 0.1.1

Rake tasks for little JavaScript projects

10.825 Descargas

vines-services 0.1.4

Vines Services are dynamically updated groups of systems based on criteria like hostnam...

10.711 Descargas

scrivito_codemirror_editor 1.0.0

Make CodeMirror available as a Scrivito editor

7.534 Descargas

cmsimple 0.2.3

A simple CMS based on the Mercury editor

7.075 Descargas

coffee-rails-source-paths 0.1.0

Adds support to Rails for CoffeeScript Source Maps

6.846 Descargas

sometsome 3.10.50

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

4.880 Descargas

vines-web 0.1.1

Useful for testing the server's BOSH support.

4.861 Descargas


VinesMod goal is to make full featured XMPP server

4.307 Descargas

moco 0.1.1

MoCo monitors web templates. On updates the templates are compiled and the browser relo...

3.481 Descargas

sprockets_cdn 0.1.1

a cdn assets for sprockets, upload assets to upyun/qiniu

3.263 Descargas

runjs 0.1.0

You can run JavaScript code from Ruby with RunJS. The supported JavaScript engines are:...

2.069 Descargas

blade_runner 0.1.0

A Sprockets-friendly JavaScript test runner

1.806 Descargas

Total de descargas 152.709.249

Para esta versión 67.333.840

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