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childprocessの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require childprocess

selenium-webdriver 3.142.7

WebDriver is a tool for writing automated tests of websites. It aims to mimic the behav...

97,190,283 ダウンロード

fpm 1.12.0

Convert directories, rpms, python eggs, rubygems, and more to rpms, debs, solaris packa...

34,620,956 ダウンロード

overcommit 0.57.0

Utility to install, configure, and extend Git hooks

5,551,045 ダウンロード

logstash-input-beats 6.1.3

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

5,031,785 ダウンロード

aruba 1.1.0

Extension for popular TDD and BDD frameworks like "Cucumber", "RSpec" and "Minitest", t...

3,130,379 ダウンロード

logstash-filter-jdbc_static 1.1.0

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

2,591,842 ダウンロード

guard-spork 2.1.0

Guard::Spork automatically manage Spork DRb servers.

2,567,077 ダウンロード

sauce 3.7.2

[DEPRECATED] A Ruby helper for running tests in Sauce Labs' browser testing cloud servi...

1,323,532 ダウンロード

guard-jasmine 3.1.0

Guard::Jasmine automatically tests your Jasmine specs on PhantomJS

1,072,731 ダウンロード

browsermob-proxy 0.3.1

Ruby client for the BrowserMob and BrowserUp Proxy REST API

594,068 ダウンロード

blade-sauce_labs_plugin 0.7.3

Blade Runner plugin for Sauce Labs (

435,904 ダウンロード

shelly 0.5.7

Tool for managing applications and clouds at

352,096 ダウンロード

cuke_modeler 3.9.0

This gem facilitates modeling a test suite that is written in Gherkin (e.g. Cucumber, S...

328,017 ダウンロード

screen-recorder 1.5.0

A Ruby gem to video record and take screenshots of your desktop or specific applicatio...

315,627 ダウンロード

pdk 2.1.0

A CLI to facilitate easy, unified development workflows for Puppet modules.

296,418 ダウンロード

vnctools 0.1.1

Simple CLI wrappers to control and record VNC displays from Ruby.

273,155 ダウンロード

watir-classic 4.3.0

WATIR is "Web Application Testing in Ruby". Watir (pronounced water) is a free, ope...

270,654 ダウンロード

jettywrapper 2.0.5

Spin up a jetty instance (e.g., the one at

251,590 ダウンロード

sensu-spawn 2.5.0

The Sensu spawn process library

233,374 ダウンロード

testcentricity_web 4.0.0

The TestCentricity™ Web core generic framework for desktop and mobile web browser-based...

200,221 ダウンロード

logstash-integration-jdbc 5.0.7

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

186,147 ダウンロード

mizuno 0.6.11

Jetty-powered running shoes for JRuby/Rack.

181,399 ダウンロード


Expand the 'vagrant box' command to support the creation of base boxes from scratch

166,741 ダウンロード

mirage 3.0.14

Mirage aids testing of your applications by hosting mock responses so that your applica...

164,438 ダウンロード

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

127,169 ダウンロード

vagrantup 1.1.4

Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.

112,556 ダウンロード

belzebuth 0.2.3

Small wrapper for testing external process and synchronize suite

111,070 ダウンロード

rest-assured 4.0.0

Real stubs and spies for HTTP(S) services

106,969 ダウンロード

acouchi 0.0.14

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

99,164 ダウンロード

seeing_is_believing 4.0.1

Records the results of every line of code in your file (intended to be like xmpfilter),...

98,737 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 137,811,472

現行バージョン 1,501,686

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