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aws-sdk-sqsの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require aws-sdk-sqs

aws-sdk-resources 3.102.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

238,217,760 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-s3 1.6.0

Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd event collector

33,042,060 ダウンロード

aws-sdk-rails 3.6.0

Integrates the AWS Ruby SDK with Ruby on Rails

6,425,740 ダウンロード

zipkin-tracer 0.47.3

Adds tracing instrumentation for ruby applications

1,238,500 ダウンロード

train-aws 0.2.0

Allows applications using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

1,139,110 ダウンロード

active_elastic_job 3.0.0

Run background jobs / tasks of Rails applications deployed in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk ...

737,618 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-sqs 3.0.0

Amazon SQS input/output plugin for Fluent event collector

324,498 ダウンロード

circuitry 3.4.0

A Circuitry publisher application can broadcast events which can be processed independe...

294,679 ダウンロード

jets 3.0.5

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

205,127 ダウンロード

pheme 4.0.5

Ruby AWS SNS publisher + SQS poller & message handler

159,244 ダウンロード

propono 3.0.0

Pub / Sub Library using Amazon Web Services

134,558 ダウンロード

alephant-broker 3.19.1

Brokers requests for alephant components

129,489 ダウンロード

terraforming 0.18.0

Export existing AWS resources to Terraform style (tf, tfstate)

104,179 ダウンロード

sqewer 7.0.0

A full-featured library for all them SQS worker needs

103,033 ダウンロード

rising_dragon 0.5.0

Event driven architecture library for AWS SNS/SQS include SQS worker and SNS publisher

64,979 ダウンロード

alephant-publisher-queue 2.6.0

Static publishing to S3 based on SQS messages

63,595 ダウンロード

sensu-transport-snssqs-ng 3.0.0

Sensu transport over Amazon SNS & SQS

62,129 ダウンロード

toiler 0.6.0

Toiler is a super efficient AWS SQS thread based message processor

60,592 ダウンロード

aws-broker 0.0.14

Ruby pub-sub on AWS

54,931 ダウンロード

chore-core 4.1.0

Job processing with pluggable backends and strategies

46,867 ダウンロード

minimal_pipeline 0.3.4

Helper gem to orchestrate pipeline tasks

43,883 ダウンロード

barbeque 2.7.5

Job queue system to run job with Docker

42,849 ダウンロード

jobshop 0.0.179

An Open Source Manufacturing Execution System

39,734 ダウンロード

conrad 3.0.0

Tool for auditing events.

38,738 ダウンロード

alephant-harness 1.0.0

More Stuff

33,797 ダウンロード

eventq 3.1.0

EventQ is a pub/sub system that uses async notifications and message queues

31,942 ダウンロード

aws-cleaner 2.4.2

AWS Cleaner cleans up after EC2 instances are terminated

25,686 ダウンロード

bricolage-streamingload 0.17.1

Bricolage Streaming Load Daemon loads S3 data files to Redshift continuously.

24,659 ダウンロード

rollbar-shoryuken 1.1.0

rollbar's plugin for shoryuken.

24,129 ダウンロード

lucid-cumulus 0.11.21

Cumulus allows you to manage your AWS infrastructure by creating JSON configuration fil...

22,107 ダウンロード

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