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aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancingv2の被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancingv2

aws-sdk-resources 3.106.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

244,320,889 ダウンロード

train-aws 0.2.8

Allows applications using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

1,253,031 ダウンロード

aws_ro 1.4.0

Wrpper library of AWS SDK objects to enable to access properties more easily, more rub...

591,020 ダウンロード

hako 2.15.0

Deploy Docker container

149,016 ダウンロード

ufo 5.0.5

AWS ECS Deploy Tool

131,208 ダウンロード

terraforming 0.18.0

Export existing AWS resources to Terraform style (tf, tfstate)

110,086 ダウンロード

terrafying 1.7.10


47,079 ダウンロード

cfn_manage 0.8.3

Start and stop aws resources in a cloudformation stack

24,458 ダウンロード

stax 0.1.6

Stax is a flexible set of ruby classes for wrangling your cloudformation stacks.

23,347 ダウンロード

shards 3.6

The gem read a conf.yml file in a puppet project to know the multitenant sites and shar...

22,860 ダウンロード

awsutils 2.2.2

A set of tools for interacting with AWS

19,906 ダウンロード

aws_public_ips 1.0.7

A library/cli to fetch all public IP addresses associated with an AWS account

10,249 ダウンロード

cfn_monitor 0.4.5

CloudWatch monitoring tool can query a cloudformation stack and return ...

9,199 ダウンロード

pleme 0.0.40


9,020 ダウンロード

infopark-aws_utils 1.0.0

A utility lib to ease the use of the AWS SDK

8,349 ダウンロード

vaws 0.8.3

The vaws command simplifies the display of AWS resources.

7,143 ダウンロード

applb 0.1.4

Manage ALB by DSL

6,035 ダウンロード

traceroute53 0.1.5

A tool to investigate Route53, ELB, EC2 and Security Groups

4,364 ダウンロード

asg-rebooter 0.0.3

See summary.

2,184 ダウンロード

balancer 0.2.0

Balancer tool

1,811 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 48,056,360

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