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avro_turf 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require avro_turf

avromatic 4.1.0

Generate Ruby models from Avro schemas

2,970,132 下载

avro_schema_registry-client 0.4.0

Client for the avro-schema-registry app

2,842,497 下载

oct_gaia 6.0.2

Manage basic framework configurations.

106,572 下载

deimos-ruby 1.14.0

Kafka libraries for Ruby.

68,879 下载

rimless 1.2.0

A bundle of opinionated Apache Kafka / Confluent Schema Registry helpers.

21,289 下载

karafka-avro-parser 0.2.0

Apache Avro support for Karafka

14,659 下载

kril 0.2.4

Makes producing and consuming topics simple. Useful when experimenting.

11,259 下载

deimos-kafka 1.0.0.pre.beta21

Kafka libraries for Ruby.

8,080 下载

sinatra-avro 0.2.0

A Sinatra plugin that allows encoding requests and responses using Apache Avro

6,985 下载

deimos-temp-fork 0.0.7

Kafka libraries for Ruby.

5,791 下载

glass_octopus 2.0.0

GlassOctopus provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing Kafka c...

5,126 下载

faraday_middleware-avro 0.0.2

Faraday middleware to encode and decode HTTP requests using avro

2,695 下载

rks 0.3.3

Ruby Kafka Sidekiq

2,018 下载

fluent-plugin-avro_turf 0.1.0

Fluentd formatter plugin by avro_turf.

1,738 下载

karafka-avro 0.2.0

Apache Avro support for Karafka

1,570 下载

qian 0.0.11

Client to broadcast and log.

1,339 下载

cnfs-core 0.0.1.alpha

Base controller, model, resource and policy classes; authentication with JWT, per reque...

985 下载

fluent-plugin-confluent-avro 0.1.0

Fluentd formatter plugin that works with Confluent Avro.

902 下载

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这个版本 275,491

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