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Reverse dependencies for avro Latest version of the following gems require avro

google-cloud-pubsub 2.7.1

google-cloud-pubsub is the official library for Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

11,931,705 下載

avro_turf 1.4.1

A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby

3,696,254 下載

avro-patches 1.0.2

Patches for the official Apache Avro Ruby implementation

2,798,730 下載

avro-builder 1.0.1

Ruby DSL to create Avro schemas

2,664,118 下載

avromatic 3.0.2

Generate Ruby models from Avro schemas

2,652,230 下載

avro-resolution_canonical_form 0.4.0

Unique identification of Avro schemas for schema resolution

2,581,522 下載

logstash-codec-avro 3.2.4

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

301,260 下載

schema_registry 0.1.1

Ruby client for Confluent Inc.'s schema-registry. The schema-registry holds AVRO schema...

110,211 下載

logstash-codec-avro_schema_registry 1.2.0

Encode and decode avro formatted data from a Confluent schema registry

46,060 下載

rabbit_feed 3.0.3

A gem providing asynchronous event publish and subscribe capabilities with RabbitMQ.

39,364 下載

service_contract 0.6.0

Abstract the definition of a service's interface contract. Supports Avro

36,327 下載

deimos-ruby 1.10.2

Kafka libraries for Ruby.

31,717 下載

service_contract_webmock 0.2.0

A library for generating webmock mocks with ServiceContract schemas

16,820 下載

rflow 1.3.2

A Ruby flow-based programming framework that utilizes ZeroMQ for component connections ...

16,309 下載

csv2avro 1.3.1

Convert CSV files to Avro like a boss.

10,614 下載

fluent-plugin-avro 1.1.1

Avro formatter plugin for Fluentd

10,136 下載

avro2kafka 0.4.1

Publish Avro files to Kafka in JSON format

9,249 下載

avro_utils 0.3.0

A gem to convert different data format to avro

4,863 下載

avro-wrapper 0.0.2

Wrapper for Avro

4,700 下載

fluent-plugin-azure-queue 0.0.11.pre

Fluent input plugin for azure queue input

4,650 下載

avro2json 0.1.0

Decodes Avro data files and converts the data to JSON

4,019 下載

avro-registered-schema-decoder 0.1.1

Provides a decoder for messages encoded as "prefixed Avro", where the binary Avro encod...

3,984 下載

vert 0.3.0

Validate hashes and JSON data and output custom errors

3,455 下載

wikiavro 0.0.2

Convert MediaWiki XML dumps to Avro

3,207 下載

neon_schemas 0.1.13

A gem containing schemas and encoding/decoding Avro classes

3,204 下載

typed_data 0.1.4

TypedData is a library that converts hash objects managed by an Avro schema so that the...

3,060 下載

avro_turf_enchanced 0.7.4

A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby

2,833 下載

avro_machine 0.0.1

EventMachine server for Avro

2,563 下載

nypl_ruby_util 0.0.4

A repository of common utilities for NYPL Ruby application

2,514 下載

dataMetaAvro 1.0.1

DataMeta DOM to Avro schema generator

2,109 下載

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