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administrate 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require administrate

administrate-field-active_storage 0.4.2

Administrate fields for active storage

677,972 下载

administrate-field-enum 0.0.9

Enum field plugin for Administrate

271,023 下载

administrate-field-nested_has_many 1.3.0

Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate

269,860 下载

administrate-field-jsonb 0.4.6

JSONb field plugin for Administrate

217,449 下载

administrate-field-image 1.2.0

Official Image field plugin for Administrate

181,039 下载

administrate-field-password 0.0.4

Easily add Password fields to your administrate views

152,036 下载

administrate-field-belongs_to_search 0.7.0

Add support to search through (potentially large) belongs_to associations in your Admin...

147,807 下载

administrate-field-carrierwave 0.6.0

A plugin to manage Carrierwave attachments in Administrate

129,477 下载

administrate_exportable 0.6.1

Simple plugin to add CSV export feature to Administrate

124,215 下载

administrate-field-date_picker 0.3.0

A plugin to select dates with a date picker in Administrate

83,964 下载

administrate-field-paperclip 0.0.6

Integrates Paperclip as a field for Administrate in Rails apps

66,117 下载

administrate-field-simple_markdown 0.7.0

A plugin to handle Markdown text in Administrate

56,280 下载

administrate-field-money 0.3.0

A plugin to deal with money in Administrate

52,272 下载

administrate-field-lat_lng 1.17.0

Adds an Administrate::Field::LatLng for viewing & editing latitude/longitude fields on ...

50,651 下载

administrate-base_controller 0.7.0

Extends the ApplicationController in Administrate

44,193 下载

administrate-field-ckeditor 0.0.9

Plugin for adding ckeditor support in Administrate

43,508 下载

administrate-field-country 0.3.0

A plugin to deal with country selection in Administrate

42,474 下载

administrate-field-shrine 0.0.5

Integrates Shrine as a field for Administrate in Rails apps.

35,627 下载

administrate_ransack 0.4.1

A plugin for Administrate to use Ransack for search filters

34,713 下载

administrate-field-scoped_has_many 0.2.0

A has_many field that yields itself to the scope option

32,380 下载

administrate-field-lazy_belongs_to 0.2.0

A belongs to-like field that lazily loads candidates from a custom endpoint.

29,349 下载

administrate-field-scoped_belongs_to 0.2.1

A belongs_to field that yields itself to the scope option

27,974 下载

administrate-field-jsontable 0.1.0

JSON to table field plugin for Administrate

27,760 下载

administrate-field-hidden 0.1.0

A plugin for hidden fields in Administrate

26,594 下载

viniBaxter-field-active_storage 300.0.18

Administrate fields for active storage

26,192 下载

administrate-field-boolean_emoji 0.3.0

A plugin to visually display boolean fields in Administrate

26,140 下载

administrate-field-select 2.1.0

Adds an Administrate::Field::SelectBasic for creating dropdown selects in your dashboards.

25,571 下载

administrate-field-boolean_to_yes_no 0.1.0

Custom Administrate field boolean_to_yes_no

21,950 下载

administrate-bootstrap-theme 1.0.6

A Bootstrap theme for Administrate: clean design, easy to install, customizable

20,185 下载

administrate-field-hyperlink 0.3.1

A string field that shows a hyperlink.

18,090 下载

下载总次数 2,912,797

这个版本 140,387

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