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aws-graph 0.0.5

Draw AWS security based network graph with Graphviz

7,632 下载

aws-healthcheck 1.0.1

Mounts a Rack app at /healthcheck that returns a 200 for AWS load balancers

432,926 下载

aws_helper 0.0.12

== DESCRIPTION: Aws Helper for an instance == FEATURES: Allows functions on EBS vol...

15,852 下载

awshucks 0.0.1

TODO: A longer more detailed description of awshucks.

4,040 下载

aws-ie 0.0.3

AWS Import/Export API supoprt.

8,600 下载

aws_imageshack 0.4.0

The gem allow to use imageshack to host your images. You just need to require and API k...

10,241 下载

aws_info 0.4.2

A gem to provide an easy way to load the AWS information from a given AWS instance. A...

30,716 下载

aws-insight 0.14.1

Show all AWS resources that are costing money

1,257 下载

aws_instance_list 1.3.3

The target is get the instance lists of AWS accounts. Return array of data.

1,994 下载

aws-instmd 0.1.1

AWS instance metadata client

8,477 下载

aws_interactive_cli 0.0.2

["Interactive AWS CLI"]

3,856 下载

aws-int-test-rspec-helper 0.0.14

RSpec helper to make integration testing in AWS a small bit more convenient

11,046 下载

aws-inventory 0.4.5

Tool to inventory AWS account

4,338 下载

aws_iot_device 1.0.0

The gem is using the MQTT protocol to execute the command defined by the AWS IoT platfo...

5,457 下载

aws-ip 0.0.2

find out AWS IP address

9,541 下载

aws_ip_utilities 0.3.1568838788

Checks for AWS IP ranges, including adding to Rack trusted proxy list.

5,905 下载

aws-kclrb 2.0.0

A ruby interface for the Amazon Kinesis Client Library MultiLangDaemon

266,172 下载

aws_keychain 0.0.2

Stores AWS Creds and can be used to spit those creds out into useful file formats for A...

3,049 下载

aws-keychain-util 0.0.14

Helps manage a keychain of AWS credentials on OS X.

30,250 下载

awskeyring 1.3.1

Manages AWS credentials in the macOS keychain

13,626 下载

aws_keys 0.1.0

Read the aws keys from Env, yml file, ~/aws/credentials

1,845 下载

aws-keys 0.1.1

Read the aws keys from Env, yml file, ~/aws/credentials

3,066 下载

aws-kicker 0.0.7

Utility for kicking an application stack into life on Amazon EC2

11,658 下载

awskit 0.1.2

Generates an AWS DevOps toolkit.

3,654 下载

aws-lambda-runner 2.0.0

Trigger AWS Lambda functions without deploying to AWS

26,704 下载

awslanes 0.1.2

Manage "lanes" of AWS machines, according to [principle here]

10,934 下载

aws-liam 0.0.6

Improved communication between our (Ruby on Rails) apps with AWS SNS - SQS

1,241 下载

awslist 3.0.0

Filter instances according to your choices

4,042 下载

awslive-inputlooper 0.1.9

AWS live Input Looper gem helps in switching & looping live inputs in AWS Medialive cha...

2,131 下载

awslive-poster 0.1.7

Utility that generates the Poster Image URL for the running AWS medialive channel

1,735 下载