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a 0.2.8

a gem generator etc.

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a-- 10.25.60

A-: Because you need more As than you had in your academic career. Also, hi mom!

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A- 0.0.0

A simple gem

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a0 0.1.0


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a0-tzmigration-ruby 1.0.2

A gem that helps migration between timezone changes when they happen in the tzdata/zone...

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a1 0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

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a11n 0.0.0

A11n handles authorization for Rails controllers! It's simple to use and extend.

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A_123 1.2.0

First gem created

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a1330ks_bmi 0.0.1

Calculating BMI from input by keyboard. And a index judged using a calculation result.

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a13g 0.1.0.beta4

A13g allows you to use event-driven architecture in your applications It can be used fo...

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a1408nw_Ounennhei 2.1.3

Simple calculation of find interval Gem.

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a1409yo_health 0.0.2

Write a longer description. Optional.

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a1412tk_bmi 0.0.3

Usage: a1412tk_bmi [height(cm)] [weight(kg)]

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a1420ks_bmi 0.1.1


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a1420ks_my_first_gem 0.1.1

My first gem for lecture.

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a1425bt 2.1.3

A simple calculation of age gem.

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a1426kt_prime_number 0.0.7

This is my homework.

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a1436mm_age 0.0.3

Please give Your BirthYear

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a1437ky_bmi3 0.0.1

Write a longer description. Optional.

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a1439ty_bmiV3 0.0.3

BMI Calculation V3

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a1447ll_hpbd 1.0.1

A simple happy birthday message

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a1447ll_mini_test 0.1.0

Minitest practice

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a1447ll_test 0.0.1

Write a longer description. Optional.

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a14z6ch_elapsed_days 0.0.5

To calculate days from given date.

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a14z8fy_tmpcov 0.0.1

A temperature convert gem for AIIT lecture practice

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a1501da_birthday 0.1.0

a simple age calculation.

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a1508ki_ika 0.1.0


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a1510jy_bmi 0.1.0

Body Mass Index Class

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a1516so_speedtest 0.1.0

this library is measurement possible.

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a1519jk 1.0.0

I will chose a1519jk!

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