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yui-compressorの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require yui-compressor

sprockets 4.0.2

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

292,481,066 ダウンロード

htmlcompressor 0.4.0

Put your html on a diet

2,853,359 ダウンロード

sinatra-assetpack 0.3.5

Package your assets for Sinatra.

342,763 ダウンロード

hanami-assets 1.3.5

Assets management for Ruby web applications

310,368 ダウンロード

fanforce-plugin-factory 1.6.1

Everything needed to setup a new plugin on Fanforce

212,452 ダウンロード

fanforce-app-factory 1.7.1

Everything needed to setup a new app on Fanforce

196,939 ダウンロード

high_five 0.3.23

Build, minify, and deal with different platforms and environments for your HTML5 app. ...

94,751 ダウンロード

bonsai 1.4.9

A static site generator that uses the best toolset available

87,306 ダウンロード

sensu-dashboard 0.10.4

A web interface for Sensu, a monitoring framework that aims to be simple, malleable, an...

83,417 ダウンロード

locomotivecms_mounter 1.5.8

Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an ...

82,792 ダウンロード

uploadcare-widget 0.11.1

Widget for uploadcare service.

77,909 ダウンロード

rack-less 3.0.2

LESS CSS preprocessing for Rack apps.

63,984 ダウンロード

rapper 0.5.1

Static asset packager and compressor with versioning and built-in view helpers. Compres...

60,507 ダウンロード

html_mockup 0.9.0

HTML Mockup is a set of tools to create self-containing HTML mockups.

55,651 ダウンロード

fingerjam 0.8.2

Fingerjam uploads your Jammit-compressed assets with fingerprinted filenames so they ca...

52,907 ダウンロード

arcabouco 0.2.16

Arcabouco WebApp Framework

51,918 ダウンロード

assets_booster 0.0.13

Instead of sending down a dozen JavaScript and CSS files full of formatting and comment...

46,936 ダウンロード

appetizer-ui 0.9.1

A painfully opinionated Appetizer extension for web apps.

42,898 ダウンロード

wysihat-engine 0.1.13

A Rails engine to help integrate the 37signals WysiHat rich text editor to your applica...

41,364 ダウンロード

rake-pipeline-web-filters 0.7.0

A collection of web filters for rake-pipeline

38,837 ダウンロード

json-bloomfilter 0.1.5

A bloomfilter implementation in both Ruby and Javascript that can be serialised to and ...

38,338 ダウンロード

pubba 0.8.1

Pubba is a library designed to help you manage the static components of your site.

38,186 ダウンロード

forge 0.5.0

A toolkit for bootstrapping and developing WordPress themes.

37,230 ダウンロード

heroku_deployment 0.0.13

Tools to automate deployment to Heroku. Heroku is already automatic, but if you like to...

36,775 ダウンロード

henshin 0.4.2

Henshin is a static site generator, with a plugin system and more

35,154 ダウンロード

tdreyno-middleman 0.5.5

A static site generator utilizing Haml and Sass

33,330 ダウンロード

githubbish_assets 0.1.11

Github style assets bundling in a Rails 3 engine

32,750 ダウンロード

view_assets 1.1.1

Instead of using the default assets managing style in rails 3.2, this gem will introduc...

32,744 ダウンロード

beans-middleman 1.0.14

A static site generator utilizing Haml, Sass and providing YUI compression and cache bu...

32,168 ダウンロード

susanoo 0.14.0

Develop mobile application using apache cordova and ruby utilities.

31,799 ダウンロード

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