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ya2yamlの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require ya2yaml

i18nliner 0.1.2

No .yml files. Inline defaults. Optional keys. Inferred interpolation values. Wrappers ...

642,500 ダウンロード

i18n_tools 0.1.6

Tasks for extracting missing and unused translations from Rails projects

92,329 ダウンロード

translation_center 2.0.2

Translation Center is a multi lingual web engine for Rails 3 apps. It builds a translat...

90,059 ダウンロード

babelphish 0.4.5

Babelphish helps you make a quick translation of your application using Google Translate.

84,072 ダウンロード

translations_sync 0.4.14

Synchronizes the different locales represeinted in yaml for I18n

54,843 ダウンロード

exvo_globalize 0.6.0

It exposes `/globalize/translations.json` with JSON of all translations in the app

45,784 ダウンロード

i18n_translation_spawner 0.0.18

Gem for automatic creation of i18n keys in your YAML files as you develop

42,456 ダウンロード

translate-rails3 0.4.0

This plugin provides a web interface for translating Rails I18n texts (requires Rails 3...

40,753 ダウンロード

interpret 1.1.2

Manage your app translations with an i18n active_record backend

32,796 ダウンロード

i18n-translators-tools 0.2.8

This package brings you useful utility and library which can help you to handle locale ...

31,219 ダウンロード

rails_locale_sorter 0.1.1

Manage Rails Locale YAML: Sort, remove duplicates, and create stubs for other languages.

26,176 ダウンロード

ready_for_i18n 0.3.0

ready_for_i18n will help you extract visible hard-coded text from your ERB view files, ...

22,087 ダウンロード

i18n_sync 0.5.1

Gem to sync all locale yml/rb files based on a "master" one.

21,359 ダウンロード

afalkear_translation_center 1.8.4

Translation Center is a multi lingual web engine for Rails 4 apps. It builds a translat...

20,999 ダウンロード

math_metadata_lookup 0.2.1

This utility/library search mathematical reviews sites and fetches metadata about artic...

20,748 ダウンロード

rabelyoda 1.1.4

A simple utility to push/pull l10n resources of a Rails project to/from the translators

20,353 ダウンロード

yaml2csv 0.0.3

yaml2csv converts between YAML and CSV files

20,109 ダウンロード

translate-rails3-plus 0.0.15

This plugin provides a web interface for translating Rails I18n texts (requires Rails 3...

19,949 ダウンロード

vocab 0.1.2

Export strings that need to be translated and integrate the completed translations

19,210 ダウンロード

leap_cli 1.9.2

The command "leap" can be used to manage a bevy of servers running the LEAP platform fr...

17,805 ダウンロード

transdifflation 0.0.5

Compares yml locate files with yours and generate diff files to maintain gems or adjace...

12,806 ダウンロード

bike 0.2.3

Bike is a web application framework that can make feature-rich apps by HTML files only....

11,578 ダウンロード

hash-tree 0.0.4

HashTree help you to work with nested hashes and arrays.

9,420 ダウンロード

translatr 0.1.2

Some i18n helpers for handling translations.

8,618 ダウンロード

i18n_locale_editor 0.0.3

Rails i18n locale web editor as plugin

8,517 ダウンロード

i18n_kit 0.0.3

You can import XML files that were exported using Excel, or standard i18n hierarchical ...

8,331 ダウンロード

simplificator-babel 0.2.0

Utility to guess the language of a text

4,985 ダウンロード

yamln8tor 0.0.4

Provides syntax checking on YAML files over Rails' i18n framework file structure

4,821 ダウンロード

yml_gtranslate 0.0.4

Uses Google Translate service to translate your *.yml files in your Rails projects. Han...

4,407 ダウンロード

rgtk 0.0.3

Rails-flavoured Ruby GTK framework

3,701 ダウンロード

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