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wisperの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require wisper

tty-reader 0.9.0

A set of methods for processing keyboard input in character, line and multiline modes. ...

8,420,286 ダウンロード

wisper-sidekiq 1.3.0

Async publishing for Wisper using Sidekiq

1,162,490 ダウンロード

wisper-resque 0.2.0

Async publishing for Wisper using Resque

483,170 ダウンロード

wisper-activerecord 1.0.0

Subscribe to changes on ActiveRecord models

366,337 ダウンロード

rectify 0.13.0

Build Rails apps in a more maintainable way

309,112 ダウンロード

wisper-activejob 1.0.0

Provides Wisper with asynchronous event publishing using ActiveJob

290,124 ダウンロード

pact_broker 2.86.0

A server that stores and returns pact files generated by the pact gem. It enables head/...

203,809 ダウンロード

rom-support 2.0.0

Ruby Object Mapper - Support libraries

156,418 ダウンロード

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

128,952 ダウンロード

routemaster-drain 3.6.8

Event receiver for the Routemaster bus

111,630 ダウンロード

decidim-core 0.24.3

Adds core features so other engines can hook into the framework.

104,200 ダウンロード

routemaster-client 3.2.3

Client API for the Routemaster event bus

71,648 ダウンロード

cobrato-client 1.1.7

This is the official Ruby client for the Cobrato API. See for m...

71,615 ダウンロード

wisper-minitest 0.0.3

MiniTest assertions/expectations and stubbing for Wisper

63,541 ダウンロード

jobshop 0.0.179

An Open Source Manufacturing Execution System

46,761 ダウンロード

billimatic-client 1.0.1

This is the official Ruby client for the Billimatic API. See

46,726 ダウンロード

wisper-celluloid 0.0.1

Wisper async publishing using Celluloid

34,379 ダウンロード

decidim-bulletin_board 0.22.3

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

33,158 ダウンロード

wisper-activerecord-publisher 0.1.2

Publish wisper events for activerecord model lifecycle

29,419 ダウンロード

proxes 0.10.1

Rack wrapper around Elasticsearch to provide security and management features

27,205 ダウンロード

railjet-bus 2.1.3

Let's inverse those dependencies

24,659 ダウンロード

doorkeeper_sso 0.4.9

Leveraging Doorkeeper as single-sign-on OAuth server. To provide true single-sign-OUT, ...

21,001 ダウンロード

social_snippet 0.0.14

A snippet manager to share and use snippet library for the online judges; Google Code J...

18,028 ダウンロード

ruby_home 0.2.6

RubyHome is a lightweight service you can run on your home network that emulates the iO...

17,904 ダウンロード

emites-client 0.1.4

Official Ruby client for the Emites API. Emites is a system for creating "notas fiscais...

17,522 ダウンロード

fhwang-wisper-mongoid 0.3.0

Subscribe to changes on Mongoid models

17,176 ダウンロード

endow 1.2.1

A library to assist in consuming API endpoints.

15,612 ダウンロード

ditty 0.10.2

Sinatra Based Application Framework

14,042 ダウンロード

sync_machine 1.4.0

A mini-framework for intelligently publishing complex model changes to an external API.

13,024 ダウンロード

daigaku 1.0.0

Daigaku is the Japanese word for university. With Daigaku you can interactively learn t...

12,645 ダウンロード

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