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Dependencias inversas para warden Latest version of the following gems require warden

devise 4.7.3

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

94.949.999 Descargas

warden-jwt_auth 0.5.0

JWT authentication for Warden, ORM agnostic and accepting the implementation of token r...

3.133.425 Descargas

rails_warden 0.6.0

A gem that provides authentication Rails helpers when using Warden for authentication

727.699 Descargas

anycable-rails 1.0.7

Rails adapter for AnyCable

466.161 Descargas

authtrail 0.3.1

Track Devise login activity

372.122 Descargas

gds-sso 16.0.0

Client for GDS' OAuth 2-based SSO

252.228 Descargas

warden-hmac-authentication 0.6.4

This gem provides request authentication via [HMAC](

215.834 Descargas

warden-github 1.3.2

A warden strategy for easy oauth integration with github

215.360 Descargas

warden-oauth2 0.0.1

OAuth 2.0 strategies for Warden

210.115 Descargas

sinatra_more 0.3.43

Expands sinatra with standard helpers and tools to allow for complex applications

186.839 Descargas

warden-basic_auth 0.2.1

Provides a base class for basic auth stragies.

95.279 Descargas

devise_traceable 0.0.5

Devise Traceable For Traceing Devise Models Logins and Logouts in separate model table

88.868 Descargas

devise-neo4j 2.1.1

Neo4j integration with the Devise authentication framework

84.115 Descargas

egregious 0.2.13

Egregious is a rails based exception handling gem for well defined http exception handl...

71.925 Descargas

monban 1.1.1

simple rails authentication

59.913 Descargas

sinatra_warden 1.0.0

basic helpers and authentication methods for using warden with sinatra also providing s...

59.056 Descargas

warden-googleapps 0.1.4

A warden strategy to use Google"s Federated OpenID with Google Apps

36.331 Descargas

aker 3.0.4

A flexible authentication and authorization framework for Rack applications.

36.224 Descargas

mtwarden 17.1.0

MTWarden Rails 5.1 engine adds basecamp style user logins (multi-tenant authetication u...

34.542 Descargas

oath 1.1.0

simple rails authentication

33.873 Descargas

active_directory_login 0.1.8

Devise based AD User Logins

32.167 Descargas

authstrategies 0.1.43

AuthStrategies is a Warden implementation for sinatra.

29.542 Descargas

devise_suspendable 0.6.1

Has a user left the organisation? Or maybe the account created was bogus? Remove access...

28.110 Descargas

vidibus-user 1.0.1

Provides a user model and tools to authenticate the current user.

26.732 Descargas

warden_oauth 0.1.1

warden_oauth will help you create oauth authentication strategies using the oauth ...

26.641 Descargas

rails_sso 0.7.5

Single Sign On solution via OAuth2 for Ruby on Rails.

25.416 Descargas

padrino-warden 0.20.2

basic helpers and authentication methods for using warden with padrino also providing s...

25.361 Descargas

actionframework 0.3.0

A web framework built on top of Rack, it has the simplicity of sinatra and the structur...

23.885 Descargas

warden_omniauth 0.1.0

A warden adapter for omniauth

21.025 Descargas

cellar 0.0.13

Multisiting platform with safe Mustache templates, Postgresql...

20.270 Descargas

Total de descargas 98.420.445

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