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Reverse dependencies for useragent Latest version of the following gems require useragent

gollum 5.1.1

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

555,868 下載

forest_liana 5.2.2

Forest is a modern admin interface that works on all major web frameworks. forest_liana...

478,304 下載

blade 0.7.1

Sprockets test runner and toolkit

437,948 下載

browser_details 0.0.6

Browser Details is a Rack Middleware that logs information about the browser used t...

94,046 下載

casino 4.1.2

CASino is a simple CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.

82,390 下載

casino_core 1.4.4

CASinoCore is a CAS server library. It can be used by other projects to build a fully f...

68,820 下載

meter 1.2.7

A generic abstraction layer for fire and forgetting measurements via UDP.

63,325 下載

better_logs 1.0.0

Logging for Rails request/response lifecycle in a machine readable format (starting wit...

22,430 下載

charted 0.1.1

A Sinatra app for tracking web traffic on multiple sites.

19,666 下載

uber_login 3.0.0

Login and logout management with secure "remember me" capabilities and complete session...

19,110 下載

cookie_crypt 1.3.1

### Features ### * User customizable security questions and answers * Configura...

18,759 下載

qa_server 7.4.0

A rails engine with questioning authority gem installed to serve as an authority search...

18,629 下載

rack-useragent-filter 0.2.0

Rack Middleware for filtering by user agent

17,157 下載

quadro 0.6.1

Quadro Content Management System

16,811 下載

terminus 0.6.0

Capybara driver for cross-browser and remote scripting

13,041 下載

snapstats 1.0.0

With this gem you can track your user activity (devise feature only), slowest controlle...

11,894 下載

alexander 0.6.0

A Rack middleware to compile XML+XSLT into HTML for unsupported browsers only

7,046 下載

response_bank 1.0.0

Simple response caching for Ruby applications

6,465 下載

sniffux 0.0.3

Use user-agent string to reason about UX expectations. E.g. Should the Cancel button in...

5,262 下載

fastly_fluent 0.0.3

fluent plugin for JSON encoded fastly syslogs

4,779 下載

rack-useragent 0.0.5

Rack Middleware for filtering by user agent

3,945 下載

undercase 0.2.57

Pattern library for Casebook

3,100 下載

human_user_agent 0.1.0

Get human readable user agent values from the raw value

2,745 下載

oauth2_dingtalk 0.2.4

Wrapper the DingTalk Oauth2 API

2,669 下載

platform_agent 1.0.1

Parse user agent to deduce the platform.

2,441 下載

humr 0.0.1

A CLI tool that make input human-readable

2,280 下載

blade_runner 0.1.0

A Sprockets-friendly JavaScript test runner

1,833 下載

log_analysis 0.1.6

Preprocess step of web mining

1,337 下載

inc_gollum 5.0.1b.pre.rc2

Standard gem for in-house staff, until official gollum progresses faster than our own f...

1,332 下載

elastic_activities 1.0.0

Store Application Logs In ElasticSearch

799 下載

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