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unparser 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require unparser

rspec-parameterized 0.4.2

RSpec::Parameterized supports simple parameterized test syntax in rspec.

10,309,866 下载

proc_to_ast 0.1.0

Add #to_ast method to Proc. #to_ast converts Proc object to AST::Node.

9,908,004 下载

sneakers 2.12.0

Fast background processing framework for Ruby and RabbitMQ

6,102,715 下载

chewy 7.1.0

Chewy provides functionality for Elasticsearch index handling, documents import mapping...

2,102,774 下载

mutant 0.10.29

Mutation Testing for Ruby.

840,152 下载

rubocop-sorbet 0.6.1

Automatic Sorbet code style checking tool.

585,650 下载

ruby-next-core 0.12.0

Ruby Next Core is a zero deps version of Ruby Next meant to be used as as dependenc...

542,009 下载

gauge-ruby 0.5.4

Adds Ruby support into Gauge tests

103,260 下载

rubicure 2.1.1

All about Japanese battle heroine "Pretty Cure (Precure)".

87,056 下载

dissociated_introspection 0.12.0

Introspect methods, parameters, class macros, and constants without loading a parent cl...

27,347 下载

mutest 0.0.10

Mutation testing for ruby

25,633 下载

ruby-next 0.12.0

Ruby Next is a collection of polyfills and a transpiler for supporting latest and upcom...

25,109 下载

rubocop_auto_corrector 0.4.1

Run `rubocop --auto-correct && git commit` with each cop.

22,095 下载

zapata 1.0.0

Who has time to write tests? This is a revolutional tool to make them write themselves.

19,935 下载

metamorpher 0.2.6

Provides structures that support program transformations, such as refactoring or progra...

15,579 下载

hyper-router 4.1.1

Adds the ability to write and use the react-router in Ruby through Opal

15,137 下载

pixela 2.2.0

Pixela API client for Ruby

13,828 下载

gitlab_mr_release 1.1.1

Release MergeRequest generator for GitLab

13,083 下载

mutiny 0.3.0

A tiny and experimental mutation testing framework for exploring research ideas.

12,972 下载

isomorfeus-puppetmaster 0.3.5

Acceptance testing for isomorfeus.

11,403 下载

hyper-mesh 0.6.0

HyperMesh gives your HyperReact components CRUD access to your ActiveRecord models on t...

10,372 下载

graphql-fragment_cache 1.6.0

Fragment cache for graphql-ruby

9,993 下载

page-objectify 0.0.10

A Ruby page class generator (for use with the page-object gem)

9,866 下载

rubocop-yast 0.0.9

This is a plugin for the RuboCop code style checker. It checks for YaST specific issues.

9,206 下载

homebrew_automation 0.1.18

Build Bottles and update Formulae. Please see README on Github for details.

8,717 下载

flood-capybara 0.0.4

Run your Capybara RSpec test cases on Flood IO

5,520 下载

tweezer 0.2.0

Tweezer is a CLI to add, remove, and edit Gemfile dependencies in an automated way

5,267 下载

twitter_retry 0.2.1

Twitter api awesome handling with retry

4,339 下载

zombie-killer 0.5

Translate YCP-like library calls (Ops.*, Builtins.*) to idiomatic Ruby

3,892 下载

gemfile_arranger 0.0.2

Sort gems, fix indent, etc.

3,360 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5