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Dependencias inversas para typhoeus Latest version of the following gems require typhoeus

launchdarkly_api 9.0.1

# Overview ## Authentication All REST API resources are authenticated with either [pe...

575.191 Descargas

geoip2 0.0.3

Integration with MaxMind GeoIP2 API

488.122 Descargas

ocean-rails 8.2.0

== Ocean Ocean is an application template and an architecture for creating server-orie...

460.793 Descargas

iterable-api-client 0.3.2

Ruby gem for the Iterable REST API

456.663 Descargas

acfs 1.7.0

API Client For Services

453.910 Descargas

kubernetes-io 1.0.0.pre.alpha2

Kubernetes official ruby client to talk to kubernetes clusters.

437.946 Descargas

hubspot-api-client 11.2.0

HubSpot Ruby API client

425.954 Descargas

sib-api-v3-sdk 8.1.0

Official SendinBlue provided RESTFul API V3 ruby library

415.776 Descargas

usps 0.1.3

USPS Webtools API for Ruby

386.088 Descargas

docraptor 2.0.0

A native client library for the DocRaptor HTML to PDF/XLS service.

384.914 Descargas

image_info 1.2.2

ImageInfo finds the size and type of a single or multiple images from the web by fetchi...

342.447 Descargas

square_connect 2.20190724.1.334

The Square Connect Ruby SDK is retired. Please migrate to the new Square gem: https://g...

319.734 Descargas

zold 0.29.33

In the last few years digital currencies have successfully demonstrated their ability t...

309.069 Descargas

riddl 0.118

rest service interface definition, mixing, and evolution. supports mixed http and xmpp ...

298.130 Descargas

browse-everything 1.1.2

AJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services

286.271 Descargas

testlab 1.22.4

A toolkit for building virtual computer labs

274.313 Descargas

ably 1.2.1

A Ruby client library for realtime messaging

264.977 Descargas

we-call 0.12.1

Handles conventions of making calls to other services, with required metadata for track...

242.275 Descargas

market_bot 1.3.1

Market Bot is a high performance Ruby scraper for Google's Android Market with a simple...

239.819 Descargas

opensearch-transport 1.0.0

Ruby client for OpenSearch. See the `opensearch` gem for full integration.

236.631 Descargas

ably-rest 1.2.1

A Ruby REST only client library for realtime messaging

220.353 Descargas

zotplus-rakehelper 0.0.157

ZotPlus rake helper

219.863 Descargas

mparticle 1.1.1

Use this client to send your data into the mParticle platform.

218.415 Descargas

yotpo 1.0.6

A Ruby interface to the YOTPO API

216.500 Descargas

rack-client 0.4.2

A client wrapper around a Rack app or HTTP

199.655 Descargas

active_rest_client 1.2.0

Accessing REST services in an ActiveRecord style

197.112 Descargas

clever-ruby 2.0.2

The Clever API

194.402 Descargas

mux_ruby 3.5.0

The Ruby client for Mux Data and Mux Video.

193.417 Descargas

athena_health 2.0.0

Ruby wrapper for Athenahealth API. See for m...

182.920 Descargas

bibliothecary 8.3.2

Find and parse manifests

181.988 Descargas

Total de descargas 86.434.881

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