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twitter 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require twitter

logstash-input-twitter 4.1.0

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

5,827,055 下载

god 0.13.7

An easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.

4,483,898 下载

onebox 2.2.19

A gem for generating embeddable HTML previews from URLs.

2,109,877 下载

backup 4.4.1

Backup is a RubyGem, written for UNIX-like operating systems, that allows you to easily...

1,722,483 下载

twitter_ebooks 3.1.6

Markov chains for all your friends~

739,072 下载

iron_worker_ng 1.6.10

New generation ruby client for IronWorker

701,515 下载

tweetstream 2.6.1

TweetStream is a simple wrapper for consuming the Twitter Streaming API.

257,864 下载

t 3.1.0

A command-line power tool for Twitter.

227,465 下载

pry-send_tweet.rb 1.20.87

I'm on the terrorist watchlist cuz i quit the @CIA

180,438 下载

pry-twitter 1.34.2

CodeName: Merci (thanks) ... An extensible ...

179,206 下载

statement 2.1

Crawls congressional websites for press releases.

142,338 下载

tw 1.3.1

CUI Twitter Client.

117,883 下载

trusty-festivity-extension 2.6.3

Event management for arts festivals.

113,086 下载

twat 1.0.0

Command line tool for tweeting and whatnot

103,340 下载

murlsh 1.9.3

Host your bookmarks or maintain a link blog

101,680 下载

tweetlr 0.1.37

tweetlr crawls twitter for a given term, extracts photos out of the collected tweets' s...

98,607 下载

twitter2jabber 0.8.3

Read Twitter streams through Jabber.

96,348 下载

chatterbot 2.2.0

A ruby framework for writing bots that run on Twitter. Comes with a simple DSL for easy...

94,249 下载

consadole_aggregator 0.2.14

aggregates infomation of 'Consadole Sapporo'

89,941 下载

zinbeijett 1.2.4

engine is simple search which moves by Ruby.

84,340 下载

pork_sandwich 0.4.23

Ideal for pulling Twitter search tweets, tweets from a twitter account, twitter account...

79,470 下载

automatic 14.12.2

Ruby framework for the general-purpose automatic processing

63,535 下载

twterm 2.10.2

A full-featured TUI Twitter client

58,452 下载

qswarm 1.0.0

Defines a DSL to allow stream processing from various sources for output to various sinks

51,361 下载

authorizme 1.1.2

Authorization that includes basic authorization and 3 social authorization with Latvia ...

50,293 下载

blertr 0.2.7

Automatic alerts for when bash scripts and commands complete

49,797 下载

cinch-twitter 2.0.6

A Twitter plugin for Cinch.

48,873 下载

muck-oauth 0.2.4

A simple wrapper for the oauth and oauth-plugin gems so that it is faster to include oa...

48,723 下载

botolo 0.70.1

botolo is a bot engine written in ruby

48,543 下载

brutalismbot 2.1.0

A Slack app that mirrors posts from /r/brutalism to a #channel of your choosing using i...

45,656 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3