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exception_notification 4.4.3

Exception notification for Rails apps

9,644,597 下載

capistrano-campfire 0.2.1

capistrano-tinder is a very simple library for making a Campfire room accessible from c...

76,792 下載

cijoe 0.9.2

cijoe is a sinatra-based continuous integration server. It's like an old rusty pickup...

52,352 下載

memegen 1.0.9

Locally generate two-caption 'Advice Dog'-style meme images

48,803 下載

ciquantum 0.0.22

Ciquantum is a sinatra-based continuous integration server, based on cijoe gem

46,915 下載

ceiling_cat 0.1.8

Ceiling Cat is watching you chat. A Campfire and IRC chat bot!

37,761 下載

chatroid 0.1.3

Chatroid is a gem for quickly creating chatterbot in Ruby

30,241 下載

trellish 0.0.18

Create a pull request, put link to it on the card, remove everyone and move the card to...

25,631 下載

campfire_bot 0.0.5

Create bots in your Campfires

19,306 下載

poundie 0.1.4

Uses plugins to interact with campfire rooms

16,122 下載

lita-campfire 0.3.0

A Campfire adapter for Lita.

14,470 下載

camptweet 0.8.4

A simple daemon that polls for updated Twitter statuses, Summize search results, and R...

13,438 下載

smokesignal 0.1.5

Posts the resque failure messages to campfire

11,330 下載

raibo 0.1.0

A simple IRC library

10,577 下載

campfire_handler 0.0.4

Chef handler for sending exceptions & updated resources to Campfire

10,518 下載

charred 0.0.5

A campfire console client using TMUX for splits

10,082 下載

snitch 0.1.4

Makes tattling on your svn commits to other services simple

9,959 下載

campfire-bot 1.0.0

This is a bot for 37 Signals’ Campfire chat service.

9,112 下載

gossip 0.3.2

Library to broadcast messages to multiple destinations + scripts that use it

8,799 下載

sidekiq-nag 0.0.5

A Sidekiq extension that will notify you of queues that take too long to process

8,492 下載

knife-santoku 0.1.6

A drop in replacement for knife that helps you build out processes around Chef

8,485 下載

wesabot 1.1.2

Wesabot is a Campfire bot framework we've been using and developing at Wesabe sinc...

8,434 下載

campline 0.2.0

A tiny Campfire client for command line

8,141 下載

mailfire 0.0.3

When you don't want to send emails for real, but still want an easy way to sanity check...

8,050 下載

campfire-bot_alexchee 1.0.2

This is a bot for 37 Signals’ Campfire chat service.

7,583 下載

kdaigle-roast 0.0.7

A Campfire command line tool to send simple messages to your Campfire room from the com...

6,832 下載

sensu-plugins-campfire 3.0.0

Sensu plugins for campfire

6,764 下載

release_party 0.0.3

Perform a number of common post deployment tasks such as delivering pivotal stories, se...

6,679 下載

chef-handler-campfire 2.0.2

Allows reporting of Chef Exceptions to Campfire Chat Rooms.

6,568 下載

freerange_deploy 0.1.5

Enables simple git-based deployments to freerange-compatible hosts

6,269 下載

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