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virtuoso-prototype 0.0.7

A quick and dirty prototype for managing virtualbox virtual machines, only scripts VBox...

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hikiutils 0.2.4


14,821 ダウンロード

versionator 0.1.0

set of rake tasks that allow you to update your release version, tag it and push to github

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mac-address 1.6.3

based on @ahoward's macaddr gem

14,269 ダウンロード

openvz 1.5.5

OpenVZ is a container based virtualization for Linux. This API will ...

13,776 ダウンロード

lyber-utils 0.1.2

Contains classes perform generic utilty functions

13,743 ダウンロード

bio-velvet 0.6.0

Parser to work with some file formats used in the velvet DNA assembler

13,466 ダウンロード

cuke4nuke-aslakjo 0.3.5

Runs Cucumber with .NET step definitions.

12,011 ダウンロード

fbomb 4.2.0

description: fbomb kicks the ass

11,628 ダウンロード

shunkuntype 1.0.15

type training for shunkun.

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Brings easy way to edit migration files of Ruby on Rails.

11,198 ダウンロード

divvy_proteomics 0.3.3

divvy up spectra from DTASelect files in a somewhat parsimonious way

9,980 ダウンロード

bj_fixed_for_rails3 1.0.4


9,854 ダウンロード

aai 0.5.5

Calculate Seanie's amino acid similarity score between multiple genomes/bins.

9,771 ダウンロード

guard-prove 1.2.0

Guard::Prove automatically run your Perl tests (much like autotest)

9,724 ダウンロード

bio-commandeer 0.4.0

A dead simple method of running shell commands from within Ruby, by applying opinion

9,723 ダウンロード

irbcp 0.0.4

description: irbcp kicks the ass

9,253 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-execute 1.0.1

Sensu execute plugins

8,931 ダウンロード

irbtab 0.0.9

copy and paste between ruby arrays in irb/rails console and a spreadsheet (tab delimite...

8,759 ダウンロード

trickery 0.0.8

Reusable ruby trickery.

8,618 ダウンロード

kl-ruby-saml 0.0.8

SAML toolkit for Ruby on Rails

8,252 ダウンロード

wifi_login 0.0.4

An automatically login tool for a public wireless LAN.

7,879 ダウンロード

drebs 0.1.2

drebs: Disaster Recovery for Elastic Block Store. An AWS EBS backup script.

7,074 ダウンロード

auto-hyde 0.1.1

A simple sinatra app exposing a url for github post-receive hooks to hit and trigger a ...

7,060 ダウンロード

auto-hyde 0.1.1

A simple sinatra app exposing a url for github post-receive hooks to hit and trigger a ...

7,060 ダウンロード

orchestrator 1.0.3

A building and Internet of Things automation system

6,882 ダウンロード

mrdu 1.0.3

Spawn a temporary MySQL instance off a RAM disk on Ubuntu.

6,834 ダウンロード

SciMed-bj 1.3.0

Forked ahoward/bj because the way the bin/bj before_run method interacts with Main's lo...

6,763 ダウンロード

firefox_zip 0.2.0

Firefox os app analyzer tool

6,516 ダウンロード

cangallo 0.0.8

VM Image manager

6,511 ダウンロード

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