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ohai 16.2.3

Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON

26,405,312 下載

ruby-saml 1.11.0

SAML toolkit for Ruby on Rails

20,630,698 下載

macaddr 1.7.2

cross platform mac address determination for ruby

20,226,863 下載

mcollective-client 2.12.5

Client libraries for the Mcollective Application Server

2,400,983 下載

azure 0.7.10

Microsoft Azure Client Library for Ruby

1,544,177 下載

rhodes 7.1.17

Rhodes mobile framework

328,934 下載

roadworker 0.5.12

Roadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and ...

275,805 下載

rspec-system 2.8.0

System testing with rspec

230,954 下載

fpm-cookery 0.35.1

A tool for building software packages with fpm.

187,849 下載

narou 3.5.1


186,120 下載

choria-mcorpc-support 2.21.0

Libraries enabling Ruby support for the Choria Orchestration Server

145,966 下載

webgen 1.7.0

webgen is used to generate static websites from templates and content files (which can ...

119,165 下載

BOAST 2.1.0

BOAST aims at providing a framework to metaprogram, benchmark and validate computing ke...

91,104 下載

patir 0.9.0

[patir]( provides code to enable project automation tasks: ...

58,406 下載

cirrocumulus 0.9.11

Engine for building your own agents, providing you base functionality for loading ontol...

54,456 下載

ci_in_a_can 0.3.0

Fast CI. Still a WIP.

52,301 下載

bio-polyploid-tools 1.1.2

Repository of tools developed at Crop Genetics in JIC to work with polyploid wheat

43,023 下載

jiveapps 1.0.7

== Jiveapps These tools are all about making Jive App development as easy as possible....

41,748 下載

bj 1.0.1


35,247 下載

rhomobile-cijoe 0.2.14

CI Joe is a simple Continuous Integration server.

30,989 下載

ro 1.4.6

description: ro kicks the ass

26,780 下載

stuartpreston-azure-sdk-for-ruby 0.7.2

Microsoft Azure Client Library for Ruby

26,466 下載

jn_services 1.0.8

Consitently model servives with etcd in and outside chef

22,518 下載

traut 1.0.1

Unix cron is a venerable program that turns the passage of time into program invokation...

22,450 下載

ruby-saml-for-portal 0.4.2

SAML toolkit for Ruby on Rails

20,053 下載

mattmatt-cijoe 0.1.8

CI Joe is a simple Continuous Integration server.

19,952 下載

houcho 0.0.13

covering to run serverspec

19,356 下載

bunchr 0.1.8

A DSL for building complex software projects and packaging them (RPM, DEB, etc). Origin...

19,086 下載

gaddygaddy 0.1.92

Tools to be used on the client for the Gaddygaddy service. gaddygaddy-client are used t...

17,713 下載

hiki2latex 0.9.17

hiki2latex is a format converter from hikidoc to latex, using hikidoc.

15,854 下載

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