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Dependencias inversas para spring Latest version of the following gems require spring

dotenv-rails 2.7.6

Autoload dotenv in Rails.

38.430.823 Descargas

spring-commands-rspec 1.0.4

rspec command for spring

29.066.040 Descargas

spring-watcher-listen 2.0.1

Makes spring watch files using the listen gem.

26.375.502 Descargas

spring-commands-cucumber 1.0.1

cucumber command for spring

2.610.221 Descargas

spring-commands-rubocop 0.2.0

RuboCop command for Spring

1.845.823 Descargas

spring-commands-spinach 1.1.0

spinach command for spring

1.762.773 Descargas

spring-commands-teaspoon 0.0.2

teaspoon command for spring

1.053.804 Descargas

guard-spring 1.1.1

Guard::Spring automatically manages spring process.

1.003.678 Descargas

spring-commands-m 1.0.1

This gem implements the m command for Spring.

349.315 Descargas

spring-commands-testunit 1.0.1

testunit command for spring

291.875 Descargas

spring-commands-thor 1.0.1

This gem implements the thor command for Spring. So this gem helps to make the Thor con...

244.157 Descargas

playbook_ui 7.8.0

Playbook Design System. Built for Nitro, but powering all.

225.333 Descargas

bummr 0.5.0

See Readme

151.277 Descargas

spring-commands-parallel-tests 1.0.1

parallel_tests commands for spring

126.599 Descargas

blogit 1.1.2

Add a blog to your Rails application in minutes with this mountable Rails Engine

104.042 Descargas

spring-commands-sidekiq 1.0.0

sidekiq command for spring

85.861 Descargas

blank_empty_nil_filters 0.1.3

Extentions for convenient filtering of blank, empty, and nil values from Hash and Array...

71.919 Descargas

journaled 2.3.1

A Rails engine to durably deliver schematized events to Amazon Kinesis via DelayedJob.

60.553 Descargas

spring-commands-shoryuken 1.0.0

shoryuken command for spring

55.388 Descargas

udongo 7.9.0

Blimp CMS.

41.574 Descargas

rao-shoulda_matchers 0.0.47.pre

Additional shoulda matchers for Ruby on Rails.

38.813 Descargas

bit_player 0.5.0

A Rails engine for presenting a BIT web application

36.036 Descargas

eac_rails_base0 0.50.0

A Rails base for multiple Rails projects developed by Esquilo Azul Company.

35.863 Descargas

record_collection 0.10.4

This gem helps you to work on subsets or rails models

33.936 Descargas

h2ocube_rails_development 0.7.1

Just a collection for development gems

33.719 Descargas

denv 0.2.6

Loads environment variables to `ENV` from `.env` file. No special treatments about shel...

33.272 Descargas

ikazuchi 1.2.1

meta-package of useful gems for rails development

29.345 Descargas

bit_core 1.4.7

Models, migrations, etc.

26.462 Descargas

developmentkit 0.2.2

standard gem set for development

20.676 Descargas

storytime 2.1.6

A simple cms and blogging engine for rails apps.

20.266 Descargas

Total de descargas 69.856.531

Para esta versión 1.850.244

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