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Dependencias inversas para sidekiq Latest version of the following gems require sidekiq

airbrake 11.0.1

Airbrake is an online tool that provides robust exception tracking in any of your Ruby ...

30.702.891 Descargas

sidekiq-cron 1.2.0

Enables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation)

18.212.029 Descargas

marginalia 1.10.1

Attach comments to your ActiveRecord queries.

12.959.818 Descargas

sidekiq-unique-jobs 7.0.10

Prevents simultaneous Sidekiq jobs with the same unique arguments to run. Highly config...

11.382.016 Descargas

gitlab-labkit 0.17.1

Instrumentation for GitLab

10.878.639 Descargas

exception_notification 4.4.3

Exception notification for Rails apps

10.325.904 Descargas

rspec-sidekiq 3.1.0

Simple testing of Sidekiq jobs via a collection of matchers and helpers

10.035.904 Descargas

sidekiq-scheduler 3.0.1

Light weight job scheduling extension for Sidekiq that adds support for queueing jobs i...

9.812.652 Descargas

sidekiq-failures 1.0.0

Keep track of Sidekiq failed jobs

8.702.029 Descargas

gitlab-sidekiq-fetcher 0.8.0

Redis reliable queue pattern implemented in Sidekiq

6.684.382 Descargas

sidekiq-limit_fetch 3.4.0

Sidekiq strategy to restrict number of workers which are able to run specified queu...

5.741.789 Descargas

capistrano-sidekiq 2.0.0

Sidekiq integration for Capistrano

4.723.458 Descargas

sidekiq-status 1.1.4

An extension to the sidekiq message processing to track your jobs

4.645.860 Descargas

sidetiq 0.7.2

Recurring jobs for Sidekiq

2.348.825 Descargas

sidekiq-throttled 0.13.0

Concurrency and threshold throttling for Sidekiq.

2.333.203 Descargas

request_store-sidekiq 0.1.0

Provides a Sidekiq Server Middleware to clear out RequestStore after each job is proces...

1.208.549 Descargas

sidekiq-datadog 0.5.3

Datadog metrics for sidekiq

1.171.665 Descargas

raygun4ruby 3.2.6

Ruby Adapter for Raygun

1.157.609 Descargas

acts_as_tenant 0.5.0

Integrates multi-tenancy into a Rails application in a convenient and out-of-your way m...

1.132.040 Descargas

wisper-sidekiq 1.3.0

Async publishing for Wisper using Sidekiq

1.064.075 Descargas

apartment-sidekiq 1.2.0

Enable Multi-tenant supported jobs to work with Sidekiq background worker

1.056.232 Descargas

sidekiq-logging-json 0.0.19

At Springest, we use Logstash to ship all our logs to Elasticsearch. An Elasticsearch i...

874.660 Descargas

sidekiq-statistic 1.4.0

See statistic about your workers (GSoC project)

828.185 Descargas

peek-sidekiq 1.0.4

Provide a peek into the Sidekiq calls made within your Rails application.

770.922 Descargas

sidekiq-middleware 0.3.0

Additional sidekiq middleware

754.091 Descargas

sidekiq-batch 0.1.6

Sidekiq Batch Jobs Implementation

694.382 Descargas

sidekiq-history 0.0.11

History for sidekiq jobs.

694.359 Descargas

guard-sidekiq 0.1.0

Guard::Sidekiq automatically starts/stops/restarts sidekiq worker

619.741 Descargas

sidekiq-logstash 2.0.0

Sidekiq::Logstash turns your Sidekiq log into an organised, aggregated, JSON-syntax log...

594.577 Descargas

activerecord-multi-tenant 1.1.1

ActiveRecord/Rails integration for multi-tenant databases, in particular the Citus exte...

586.333 Descargas

Total de descargas 94.213.794

Para esta versión 458.113

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