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Dependencias inversas para rubycritic 4.5.0

guard-rubycritic 2.9.3

Ruby Critic is a tool that listens to modifications in Ruby classes, modules and method...

99.320 Descargas

simple-spreadsheet-extractor 0.16.1

Takes a stream to a spreadsheet file and produces an XML or CSV representation of its c...

78.539 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_email_address_validation 3.0.0

Email address validation using RFC 822 pattern matching regular expressions

38.288 Descargas

elmas 3.1.0

API wrapper for Exact Online

36.202 Descargas

basquiat 1.6.0

Basquiat is a library that intends to abstract all the complexity of working with messa...

27.664 Descargas

polishgeeks-dev-tools 1.4.0

Set of tools used when developing Ruby based apps

20.193 Descargas

rgentpl 1.2.6

Ruby Skeleton Generator based in templates

19.982 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_magic_number_type 3.0.0

Tool to parse the first bytes of a file and compare it to a list of known mime types.

19.655 Descargas

danica 2.7.5


19.305 Descargas

tingyun_rpm 3.2.0

TingYun Ruby Agent

16.858 Descargas

yukon 0.5.2

Express checkout using ActiveMerchant Paypal API.

14.911 Descargas

postkode 0.4.2

Postcode validation module

13.551 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_ramp 5.0.2

Adds extensions to Array, Date, Enumerable, File, Hash, IO, String, Time, etc.

13.536 Descargas

smartsheet 2.86.1

This is an SDK to simplify connecting to the Smartsheet API (http://www.smartsheet....

13.451 Descargas

tableware 0.3.2

A nice way of parsing text tables into Ararys or Hashes for clearer code. Great for tes...

12.265 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_to_id 2.0.0

ToId converts types to ids and uuids

11.110 Descargas

colt 0.4.5

This gem simplifies subscribing a user to a given recurring plan using Stripe API.

10.459 Descargas

sinclair 1.6.7

Gem for easy concern creation

10.406 Descargas

darthjee-core_ext 2.0.0

Extension of basic classes with usefull methods

10.173 Descargas

skunk 0.4.2

Knows how to calculate the StinkScore for a Ruby file

10.012 Descargas

overlook-csgo 0.2.9

Ruby access to CS:GO demo files.

9.284 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_fab 2.2.3

Generate sample names, places, agents, tweets, etc.

9.274 Descargas

automation_object 0.8.4

This gem provides a way to create a dynamic usable DSL framework representing your webs...

8.878 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_time_stamp 3.0.0

Time stamp methods to generate a string with formating such as RFC ISO datetime

8.684 Descargas

arstotzka 1.6.1


8.351 Descargas

rasam 0.2.7

Select a single winner using votes that express preferences. This can also be used to c...

8.240 Descargas

sixarm_ruby_numeric_round 2.0.0

Numeric #round, #floor, #ceil, #truncate methods

7.988 Descargas

sample-template-generator 0.5.1

Bespoke tool for generating spreadsheet templates from Sample Types for use with SEEK.

7.885 Descargas

repo-small-badge 0.2.7

Small Badge generator to be used for different tools 4 ruby. Examples rubycritic and si...

7.885 Descargas

code_quality 0.5.0

run code quality and security audit report with one command or one rake task

7.432 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.954.565

Para esta versión 25.405

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