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rubocop-fnando 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-fnando

browser 5.3.1

Do some browser detection with Ruby.

37,869,944 下载

validators 3.4.1

Add some nice ActiveModel/ActiveRecord validators.

208,150 下载

aitch 1.1.0

A simple HTTP client

205,306 下载

breadcrumbs 0.2.0

Breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumbs` object to controllers and views.

171,672 下载

simple_auth 3.1.3

A simple authentication system for Rails apps

59,738 下载

email_data 1618359706.0.0

This project is a compilation of datasets related to emails. Includes disposable emails...

49,065 下载

minitest-utils 0.4.6

Some utilities for your Minitest day-to-day usage.

40,890 下载

burgundy 1.0.0

A simple wrapper for objects in less than 100 lines.

38,617 下载

sinatra-subdomain 0.4.0

Separate routes for subdomains on Sinatra

37,653 下载

rails-env 1.0.8

Avoid environment detection on Rails

36,372 下载

permalink 2.1.0

Generate permalink attributes on ActiveModel/ActiveRecord

32,867 下载

signal 1.2.0

A simple observer implementation for POROs (Plain Old Ruby Object) and ActiveRecord obj...

15,131 下载

ar-check 0.2.2

Enable PostgreSQL's CHECK constraints on ActiveRecord migrations

14,627 下载

attr_keyring 0.6.0

Simple encryption-at-rest plugin for ActiveRecord.

8,819 下载

factory_bot-preload 0.3.0

Preload factories (Factory Bot) just like fixtures. It will be easier and, probably, fa...

6,432 下载

svg_sprite 1.0.0

Create SVG sprites using data URIs.

6,173 下载

email_typo 0.2.3

Suggest fixes to a misspelled email address, like john@gmail.cmo.

5,004 下载

glob 0.2.0

Create a list of hash paths that match a given pattern. You can also generate a hash wi...

4,328 下载

check_files 0.1.1

Check non-reloadable files changes on Rails apps

3,372 下载

root_domain 0.1.2

Extract root domain from hosts (e.g. www.example will be extracted as It ...

3,258 下载

i18n-dot_lookup 0.2.0

Allow interpolation to be performed on a object's attribute, e.g. %{}

2,859 下载

human_routes 0.0.3

I say no to REST for client-facing urls.

1,389 下载

dopstick 0.0.6

Generate a project skeleton for creating a Ruby/NPM package.

1,214 下载

haikunate 0.1.1

Generate Heroku-like memorable random names like adorable-ox-1234.

1,056 下载

i18n-json 0.0.1

Export I18n translations to JSON.

794 下载

guard-i18n-json 0.0.1

Guard::I18nJson automatically exports your I18n translations as JSON files

782 下载

omniauth-wp 0.1.0

OmniAuth strategy for Wordpress (

704 下载

omniauth-netlify 0.1.0

OmniAuth strategy for Netlify (

703 下载

url_signature 0.0.2

Create and verify signed urls. Supports expiration time.

686 下载

enroute 0.0.1

Export Rails routes to TypeScript definitions

686 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0