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rspec_junit_formatter 的反向依赖 0.4.1

fastlane 2.148.1

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

30,386,022 下载

rmagick 4.1.2

RMagick is an interface between Ruby and ImageMagick.

18,334,892 下载

restforce 4.2.2

A lightweight ruby client for the Salesforce REST API.

15,652,747 下载

ruby-kafka 1.0.0

A client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.

11,452,668 下载

rubyXL 3.4.14

rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel...

7,482,839 下载

rollout 2.4.5

Feature flippers with redis.

4,547,862 下载

inline_svg 1.7.1

Get an SVG into your view and then style it with CSS.

4,294,926 下载

king_konf 1.0.0

A simple configuration library

3,648,641 下载

cloudflare-rails 0.6.0

This gem configures Rails for CloudFlare so that request.ip and request.remote_ip and w...

1,900,876 下载

fastlane_core 1.0.0

Contains all shared code/dependencies of the

1,882,112 下载

fastlane-plugin-appcenter 1.8.0

Fastlane plugin for App Center

1,851,257 下载

statesman 7.2.0

A statesman-like state machine library

1,595,827 下载

gooddata 2.1.11

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

1,571,122 下载

gooddata 2.1.11

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

1,571,122 下载

axe-matchers 2.6.1

axe-matchers provides matchers that wrap the axe-core accessibility library. The matc...

1,490,907 下载

spaceship 1.0.0

Ruby library to access the Apple Dev Center and iTunes Connect

1,458,963 下载

calabash-cucumber 0.21.10

calabash-cucumber drives tests for native iOS apps. You must link your app with calabas...

1,455,063 下载

credentials_manager 1.0.0

Password manager used in

1,429,396 下载

snapshot 2.0.0

Automate taking localized screenshots of your iOS and tvOS apps on every device

1,392,447 下载

deliver 2.0.1

Upload screenshots, metadata and your app to the App Store using a single command

1,198,063 下载

sift 4.0.0

Sift Science Ruby API. Please see for more details.

1,193,246 下载

ldclient-rb 5.5.6

Official LaunchDarkly SDK for Ruby

1,159,909 下载

danger-junit 1.0.0

Get automatic inline test reporting for JUnit-conforming XML files.

1,143,464 下载

fastlane-plugin-firebase_app_distribution 0.1.4

Release your beta builds to Firebase App Distribution.

1,088,019 下载

gym 2.0.0

Building your iOS apps has never been easier

1,068,856 下载

sigh 2.0.1

Because you would rather spend your time building stuff than fighting provisioning

1,053,879 下载

calabash-android 0.9.12

calabash-android drives tests for native and hybrid Android apps.

1,002,585 下载

run_loop 4.5.3

The bridge between Calabash iOS and Xcode command-line tools like instruments and simctl.

995,925 下载

pilot 2.0.0

The best way to manage your TestFlight testers and builds from your terminal

991,464 下载

scan 1.0.0

The easiest way to run tests of your iOS and Mac app

970,794 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.0.0

需要的 RubyGems 版本: >= 2.0.0