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Reverse dependencies for rspec-instafail Latest version of the following gems require rspec-instafail

capybara 3.36.0

Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications. It simulates h...

132,741,225 下載

closure_tree 7.4.0

Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord model support hierarchies

2,548,905 下載

rspec-legacy_formatters 1.0.2

Support for RSpec 2.x formatters on 3.x

1,785,613 下載

bosh_cli 1.3262.26.0


1,595,999 下載

blobstore_client 1.3262.24.0

BOSH blobstore client

1,443,234 下載

agent_client 1.3262.24.0

BOSH agent client

810,495 下載

bosh-stemcell 1.3262.24.0

Bosh::Stemcell provides tools to manage stemcells

720,063 下載

bosh-core 1.3262.24.0

Bosh::Core provides things BOSH needs to exist

679,554 下載

roadworker 0.5.15

Roadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and ...

552,225 下載

cf 5.4.7

Friendly command-line interface for Cloud Foundry.

457,254 下載

ably 1.1.7

A Ruby client library for realtime messaging

235,754 下載

camaleon_cms 2.6.1

Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...

167,354 下載

delorean_lang 2.5.0

A "compiler" for the Delorean programming language

156,956 下載

piculet 0.3.0

Piculet is a tool to manage EC2 Security Group. It defines the state of EC2 Security Gr...

83,589 下載

miam 0.2.4

Miam is a tool to manage IAM. It defines the state of IAM using DSL, and updates IAM ac...

82,940 下載

ratis 3.6.6

A Ruby wrapper around the ATIS SOAP Interface

72,884 下載

kelbim 0.3.1

Kelbim is a tool to manage ELB. It defines the state of ELB using DSL, and updates ELB ...

60,005 下載

gatling 1.1.3

Add visual comparison matchers for rspec

50,816 下載

lita-server_status 1.0.1

Store and list out the statuses of applications

47,008 下載

lita-github_pr_list 0.3.2

List open pull requests for an organization.

43,755 下載

ama_validators 0.0.13

Compile the following validators: - Credit card - Email - Membership number - Phone num...

40,017 下載

buscalibre 0.0.9

Basic Ruby Wrapper to's API.

28,615 下載

cronicle 0.2.5

It is a tool for execute script, and define cron on remote hosts.

28,276 下載

eipmap 0.1.5

Eipmap is a tool to manage Elastic IP Addresses (EIP). It defines the state of EIP usin...

27,831 下載

rescpos 0.0.9

Print formatted docs with Winpos WP-800

24,874 下載

jdc 0.2.7

Friendly command-line interface for Jing Dong Foundry.

23,232 下載

attribute_normalizer-extras 0.2.0

Specific normalizers that we commonly use in our apps

20,445 下載

fuubar-legacy 0.0.3

The instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter for rspec-1

17,828 下載


Shellac gives you an environment aware helper for purging configured under config/varni...

14,228 下載

smooth-jazz-nyan-cat-formatter 0.1.5

Nyan Cat inspired RSpec formatter! Now with more Jazz!

12,101 下載

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