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Dependencias inversas para rotp 5.1.0

devise-two-factor 3.1.0

Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise

4.392.814 Descargas

active_model_otp 2.0.1

Adds methods to set and authenticate against one time passwords 2FA(Two factor Authenti...

1.035.716 Descargas

two_factor_authentication 2.2.0

### Features ### * control sms code pattern * configure max login attempts ...

455.176 Descargas

forest_liana 4.2.0

Forest is a modern admin interface that works on all major web frameworks. forest_liana...

345.982 Descargas

google-authenticator-rails 2.0.0

Add the ability to use the Google Authenticator with ActiveRecord.

226.681 Descargas

devise_google_authenticator 0.3.16

Devise Google Authenticator Extension, for adding Google's OTP to your Rails apps!

151.467 Descargas

moonshot 1.0.0

A library and CLI tool for launching services into AWS.

104.797 Descargas

casino 4.1.2

CASino is a simple CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.

75.756 Descargas

casino_core 1.4.4

CASinoCore is a CAS server library. It can be used by other projects to build a fully f...

64.892 Descargas

rodauth 1.22.0

Rodauth is an authentication and account management framework for rack applications. I...

41.861 Descargas

lita-github 0.3.0

Lita handler for managing your GitHub account/organization; handler not ready for produ...

25.979 Descargas

tfa 0.0.16

A CLI to manage your time based one time passwords.

15.053 Descargas

et_fake_ccd 1.0.2

Fake CCD server for employment tribunals

14.156 Descargas

mpw 4.2.2

Manage your passwords in all security with MPW, we use GPG to encrypt your passwords

10.912 Descargas

devise-otp 0.2.3

Time Based OTP/rfc6238 compatible authentication for Devise

7.422 Descargas

round 0.8.4

Gem is a full-stack Bitcoin API that makes it easy to build powerful blockchain apps wi...

7.408 Descargas

simplygenius-atmos 0.11.11

Atmos provides a terraform scaffold for creating cloud system architectures

6.758 Descargas

otp-jwt 0.2.4

OTP (email, SMS) JWT authentication for HTTP APIs.

5.009 Descargas

emailauth 0.0.4

Email based authentication with mobile devices

4.743 Descargas

devise-2fa 0.4.1

Time Based OTP/rfc6238 authentication for Devise

4.662 Descargas

authentic 0.2.0

A desktop Google Authenticator replacement.

4.396 Descargas

lita-rotp 0.1.2

Lita handler for TOTP & HOTP token generation; uses Ruby One-Time Password (ROTP) l...

4.124 Descargas

devise-otp2 0.2.6

Time Based OTP/rfc6238 compatible authentication for Devise

3.738 Descargas

authman 1.1.0

Software TOTP generator

3.604 Descargas

two_factor_cookies 0.1.6

The aim is to be configurable and work with as many kinds of authentication as possible.

3.316 Descargas

ga_verify 0.0.1

Provides a unix socket for validating tokens

2.941 Descargas

totptest 0.1.1

Sinatra webservice for testing TOTP

2.842 Descargas

twproxy 0.1.0

An authenticated proxy for TiddlyWiki

2.300 Descargas

motorurl 0.0.1

A Rails engine to communicate with Spiderman

2.021 Descargas

totp-cli 0.1.0

Stores TOTP seeds and generates one time passwords all using a loveley command line int...

2.012 Descargas

Total de descargas 10.697.125

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