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Dependencias inversas para ripl Latest version of the following gems require ripl

ripl-multi_line 0.3.1

This ripl plugin allows you to evaluate multiple lines of Ruby code.

579.897 Descargas

ripl-rack 0.2.1

This ripl plugin provides a console for rack apps.

555.144 Descargas

tux 0.3.0

Tux dresses up sinatra in a shell. Use it to interact with your helpers, view rendering...

420.858 Descargas

restfully 1.3.0

Consume RESTful APIs effortlessly

181.861 Descargas

cloudstack_client 1.5.7

CloudStack API client written in Ruby

109.269 Descargas

circonus 3.6.13

Wrapper and CLI for Circonus API

102.828 Descargas

ripl-play 0.2.1

A ripl plugin to playback ruby code in ripl coming from files, urls or stdin. Also reco...

91.810 Descargas

ripl-short_errors 0.1.0

Only show the first backtrace entry when errors are displayed. The complete backtrace c...

91.136 Descargas

ripl-color_streams 0.1.2

This ripl plugin colorizes your stdout and stderr streams.

90.407 Descargas

ronin 1.5.1

Ronin is a Ruby platform for vulnerability research and exploit development. Ronin allo...

67.075 Descargas

tapsoob 0.3.19

Simple tool to import/export databases inspired by taps but OOB, meaning databases are ...

53.189 Descargas

tapsoob 0.3.19

Simple tool to import/export databases inspired by taps but OOB, meaning databases are ...

53.189 Descargas

ripl-color_result 0.4.1

This ripl plugin colorizes ripl results.

45.722 Descargas

ripl-irb 0.2.3

A ripl plugin that smooths the transition from irb by mocking out IRB. Safely captures ...

35.242 Descargas

rack-webconsole 0.1.4

Rack-based console inside your web applications

32.659 Descargas

ripl-auto_indent 0.2.0

This ripl plugin indents your multi-line Ruby input using ruby_indentation gem.

27.212 Descargas

ripltools 0.7.0

ripltools is a collection of ripl plugins setting up a nice-to-use general purpose ripl.

26.117 Descargas

ripl-ripper 0.1.0

This ripl plugin gives ripl multi-line eval ability using ripper.

23.658 Descargas

ripl-rc 0.2.4

ripl plugins collection, take you want, leave you don't.

23.037 Descargas

RUIC 0.6.1

RUIC is a library that understands the XML formats used by NVIDIA's "UI Composer" tool ...

21.951 Descargas

vendor 0.1.6

Dependency management for iOS and OSX development

20.441 Descargas

ripl-color_error 0.1.1

This ripl plugin allows you to color errors in the console.

19.860 Descargas

rmap 0.6.0

A simple yet powerful object relational mapper (ORM).

19.729 Descargas

ripl-i18n 0.3.2

A ripl plugin that translates ripl to your preferred language. Current supported langua...

19.709 Descargas

squash 0.0.8

This gem generates scaffold for Squashes - stand-alone Cucumber applications to test we...

17.458 Descargas

ripl-profiles 0.2.1

This ripl plugin adds a --profile option to ripl that loads profile files in ~/.ripl/pr...

17.120 Descargas

tobias-rack-webconsole 0.1.5

Rack-based console inside your web applications - this is a fork of

14.344 Descargas

ripl-commands 0.2.1

This ripl plugin provides a core group of commands for any ripl shell. It aims to match...

13.916 Descargas

elasticshell 0.0.7

Elasticshell provides a command-line shell 'es' for connecting to and querying an Elast...

13.886 Descargas

liquid-development 0.2.1

This is a simple gem to consolidate common development dependencies.

13.566 Descargas

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