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Reverse dependencies for redcarpet Latest version of the following gems require redcarpet

google-cloud-env 1.5.0

google-cloud-env provides information on the Google Cloud Platform hosting environment....

57,777,002 下載

google-cloud-core 1.6.0

google-cloud-core is the internal shared library for google-cloud-ruby.

52,178,667 下載

git 1.8.1

The Git Gem provides an API that can be used to create, read, and manipulate Git reposi...

44,183,846 下載

google-cloud-storage 1.31.1

google-cloud-storage is the official library for Google Cloud Storage.

38,379,106 下載

premailer 1.15.0

Improve the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning...

32,820,968 下載

google-cloud-errors 1.1.0

google-cloud-errors defines error classes for google-cloud-ruby.

30,161,032 下載

locale 2.1.3

Ruby-Locale is the pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization.

22,160,751 下載

archive-zip 0.12.0

Archive::Zip provides a simple Ruby-esque interface to creating, extracting, and updati...

18,222,391 下載

slim-rails 3.2.0

Provides the generator settings required for Rails 3+ to use Slim

16,672,089 下載

sinatra-contrib 2.1.0

Collection of useful Sinatra extensions

13,327,422 下載

puppet_forge 3.0.0

Tools that can be used to access Forge API information on Modules, Users, and Releases....

13,151,922 下載

semantic_puppet 1.0.4

Tools used by Puppet to parse, validate, and compare Semantic Versions and Version Rang...

11,119,436 下載

google-cloud-pubsub 2.7.0

google-cloud-pubsub is the official library for Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

11,038,111 下載

pry-rescue 1.5.2

Allows you to wrap code in Pry::rescue{ } to open a pry session at any unhandled except...

10,588,961 下載

retries 0.0.5

Retries is a gem for retrying blocks with randomized exponential backoff.

8,159,810 下載

middleware 0.1.0

Generalized implementation of the middleware abstraction for Ruby.

7,456,085 下載

scenic 1.5.4

Adds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database views in Rails

7,436,141 下載

google-cloud-logging 2.2.0

google-cloud-logging is the official library for Stackdriver Logging.

7,312,016 下載

sensu-plugins-disk-checks 5.1.4

This plugin provides native disk instrumentation for moni...

6,046,941 下載

stackdriver-core 1.5.0

stackdriver-core is an internal shared library for the Ruby Stackdriver integration lib...

5,325,178 下載

sensu-plugins-memory-checks 4.1.1

This plugin provides native memory instrumentation for mo...

4,706,383 下載

sensu-plugins-process-checks 4.2.1

This plugin provides native process instrumentation for m...

4,544,886 下載

sensu-plugins-http 6.1.0

This plugin provides native HTTP instrumentation for moni...

4,415,548 下載

sensu-plugins-network-checks 5.0.0

This plugin provides native network instrumentation for m...

4,009,643 下載

find_a_port 1.0.1

Use a TCPServer hack to find an open TCP port

3,963,578 下載

google-cloud-bigquery 1.31.0

google-cloud-bigquery is the official library for Google BigQuery.

3,955,819 下載

sensu-plugins-cpu-checks 4.1.0

This plugin provides native CPU instrumentation for monit...

3,816,795 下載

public_activity 1.6.4

Easy activity tracking for your ActiveRecord models. Provides Activity model with detai...

3,709,465 下載

gapic-common 0.5.0

Common code for GAPIC-generated API clients

3,683,922 下載

sensu-plugins-load-checks 5.1.0

This plugin provides native load instrumentation for moni...

3,571,342 下載

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 1.9.2