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Reverse dependencies for rdf-xsd Latest version of the following gems require rdf-xsd

rdf 3.1.15

RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data.

1,169,062 下載

json-ld 3.1.9

JSON::LD parses and serializes JSON-LD into RDF and implements expansion, compaction an...

701,487 下載

rdf-rdfxml 3.1.1

RDF::RDFXML is an RDF/XML reader and writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

548,837 下載

rdf-rdfa 3.1.3

RDF::RDFa is an RDFa reader/writer for Ruby using the RDF.rb library suite.

519,921 下載

sparql 3.1.7

SPARQL Implements SPARQL 1.1 Query, Update and result formats for the Ruby RDF.rb libra...

374,147 下載

rdf-microdata 3.1.3

Reads HTML Microdata as RDF.

339,937 下載

linkeddata 3.1.5

A metadistribution of RDF.rb including a full set of parsing/serialization plugins.

336,265 下載

rdf-trix 3.1.1

RDF.rb extension for parsing/serializing TriX data.

305,038 下載

rdf-reasoner 0.7.2

Reasons over RDFS/OWL vocabularies to generate statements which are entailed based on b...

251,113 下載

rdf-tabular 3.1.1

RDF::Tabular processes tabular data with metadata creating RDF or JSON output.

221,787 下載

ld-patch 3.1.3

Implements the W3C Linked Data Patch Format and operations for RDF.rb. Makes use of...

165,747 下載

shex 0.6.1

Implements ShExC and ShEx JSON.

142,161 下載

rdf-ldp 1.0.1

Implements a Linked Data Platform domain model, Rack middleware for server implementers...

29,526 下載

openbel-api 1.2.12

The OpenBEL API provides a RESTful API over HTTP to manage BEL knowledge.

21,561 下載

rof 1.2.10

Raw Object Format

9,307 下載

shacl 0.1.1

SHACL is an Shape Constraint engine for the Ruby RDF.rb library suite.

8,397 下載

yowl 0.4.2

Yet another OWL documentor. YOWL is a command line utility that can read a number of RD...

7,382 下載

alchemy-concept-extractor 0.1.1

Extracts concepts for a given URI from the Alchemy API (

2,972 下載

obix 0.0.1

oBIX parser

2,551 下載

rdf-csv 0.0.0

RDF::CSV processes tabular data with metadata creating RDF or JSON output.

2,008 下載

yarspg 0.0.1

YARSPG is an YARS-PG reader/writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

446 下載

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