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rails-controller-testingの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require rails-controller-testing

devise-authy 2.3.1

Authy plugin to add two factor authentication to Devise. This gem is deprecated, please...

7,511,971 ダウンロード

solidus_frontend 3.2.2

Legacy cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project. For new Solidus apps, we...

1,316,635 ダウンロード

solidus_auth_devise 2.5.5

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...

1,268,637 ダウンロード

hydra-head 12.0.2

Hydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application.

653,200 ダウンロード

riif 1.1.0

A simple DSL to generate QuickBooks IIF file

619,121 ダウンロード

alchemy_cms 6.0.11

Alchemy is a powerful, userfriendly and flexible Rails CMS.

587,582 ダウンロード

hydra-core 12.0.2

Hydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full...

528,653 ダウンロード

test_track_rails_client 5.0.1

Easy split testing and feature flagging for Rails with TestTrack server

448,821 ダウンロード

commontator 7.0.0

A Rails engine for comments.

332,261 ダウンロード

browse-everything 1.2.0

AJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services

307,774 ダウンロード

hydra-editor 6.1.0

A basic metadata editor for hydra-head

263,077 ダウンロード


Enable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...

247,161 ダウンロード

kaui 2.1.0

Rails UI plugin for Killbill administration.

201,222 ダウンロード

thredded 1.0.1

The best Rails 5.2+ forums engine ever. Its goal is to be as simple and feature rich as...

187,042 ダウンロード

tenon 2.1.0

A highly flexible mountable Rails CMS built for rapid application development.

176,192 ダウンロード

sufia 7.4.1

Sufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...

175,808 ダウンロード

pulitzer 0.15.31

A content management system that works with your view templates. Keep the presses hot!

174,210 ダウンロード

ns_settings_ui 1.6.0

Engine providing key-value settings stored in db with a web UI.

173,160 ダウンロード

refinerycms-testing 4.0.3

This plugin adds the ability to tests against the Refinery CMS gem while inside a Refin...

171,087 ダウンロード

hyrax 3.4.2

Hyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...

163,938 ダウンロード

geoblacklight 4.0.0

GeoBlacklight provides a world-class discovery platform for geospatial (GIS) holdings. ...

160,499 ダウンロード

decidim-dev 0.26.2

Utilities and tools we need to develop Decidim

157,283 ダウンロード

panoramic 0.0.7

A gem to store Rails views on database

156,740 ダウンロード

pageflow 15.7.1

Multimedia story telling for the web.

155,927 ダウンロード

paid_up 0.13.21

Allows a model of your choosing (such as users) to subscribe to a plan, which enables f...

149,555 ダウンロード

trice 0.3.2

Provides reference time concept to application. Use it instead of ad-hoc ``

146,748 ダウンロード

nfg_ui 0.15.2

The embodied design system for Network for Good.

129,901 ダウンロード

inertia_rails 3.0.0

Inertia adapter for Rails

126,270 ダウンロード

contact_us 1.2.0

A Rails 3+ Engine providing a basic contact form. I used Formtastic to keep things sim...

121,570 ダウンロード

adeia 1.0.0

An authorization gem for Rails that allows you to have the complete control of your app.

117,162 ダウンロード

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