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Dépendances inversées pour rack-mount 0.8.3

city-watch 0.7.9

Server/process monitoring

82 562 Téléchargements

faster_require 0.9.4

A tool designed to speedup library loading (startup time) in Ruby by caching library lo...

60 365 Téléchargements

dugway 0.12.2

Dugway allows you to run your Big Cartel theme on your computer, test it in any browser...

57 390 Téléchargements

soybean 2.5.4

Generate soap web-services from you wsdl. Generate: all classes from xsd, and other.

40 806 Téléchargements

rack-api 1.1.0

Create web app APIs that respond to one or more formats using an elegant DSL.

30 571 Téléchargements

puppet-forge-server 1.10.1

Private Puppet forge server supports local files, both v1 and v3 API proxies

30 404 Téléchargements

rails3b 3.0.1

My kingdom for working dependencies.

12 715 Téléchargements

grape_api_signature 0.0.6

Add AWS Signature 4 style authentication to grape API's.

11 412 Téléchargements

grape_session 0.0.3

Adds Rails like session support to grape api

10 578 Téléchargements

grape_cookies 0.0.1

Adds Rails like cookie support to grape api

7 612 Téléchargements

synfeld 0.0.7

Synfeld is a web application framework that does practically nothing. Synfeld is littl...

7 478 Téléchargements


SockJS is a WebSocket emulation library. It means that you use the WebSocket API, only ...

6 018 Téléchargements

tentd 0.0.1

Tent Protocol server reference implementation

3 787 Téléchargements


SockJS is a WebSocket emulation library. It means that you use the WebSocket API, only ...

3 718 Téléchargements

ks_faster_require 2.0.0

Modified version of faster require to fix a UTF8 cygwin bug

3 153 Téléchargements

universe-rack 0.1.1

gem install universe-rack

2 787 Téléchargements

insta-rails 1.0.0

Setup your rails project with everything you need quickly. Not really a Gem, but everyt...

2 773 Téléchargements

rack-putty 0.0.1

Simple web framework built on rack for mapping sinatra-like routes to middleware stacks.

2 198 Téléchargements

grape-cookies 0.0.2

Adds Rails like cookie support to grape api

1 980 Téléchargements

crepe 0.0.1.pre

Rack-based API framework

1 106 Téléchargements

grape-security 0.8.0

[Backported security patched version] A Ruby framework for rapid API development with g...

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