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rack-cacheの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require rack-cache

annotations2triannon 0.4.1

Utilities for bulk loading annotations into triannon

11,986 ダウンロード

cardboard_cms 0.3.1

Rails CMS made simple

11,956 ダウンロード

cryx-cacheability 1.2.2

Transparent caching for your HTTP requests (heap, file, memcache). Built-in support for...

11,721 ダウンロード

boa_vista_stubs 0.0.8


11,520 ダウンロード

piedesaint 0.2.1

Drop-in web server to serve files and tar'ed directories. Use it as a tool to make avai...

11,048 ダウンロード

depends-client 0.2.0

A simple dependency manager

10,263 ダウンロード

cardiac 0.2.0

This gem provides a thin facade around REST-ful resources, aiming to be closer to Activ...

9,838 ダウンロード

locomotivecms_builder 1.0.0.alpha8

The LocomotiveCMS builder is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine

9,329 ダウンロード

dadablog 0.0.4

dadablog is a simple blog engine, is very friendly to github and rack protocol.

8,598 ダウンロード

schreihals 0.0.4

A simple blog engine for hackers.

8,447 ダウンロード

owl-cms 0.1.5

A ruby CMS...

8,272 ダウンロード

rack-cache-purge 0.0.2


8,169 ダウンロード

dc_address_lookup 0.2.2

A Ruby gem to look up Washington, D.C. addresses in the master address registry, an off...

7,899 ダウンロード

ttn_helpers 0.1.2

ThroughTheNet rails helpers for internal use

7,033 ダウンロード

fog-dragonfly 0.8.2

Dragonfly is an on-the-fly Rack-based image handling framework. It is suitable for use ...

6,743 ダウンロード

dyoder-waves 0.8.0

Open-source framework for building Ruby-based Web applications.

6,665 ダウンロード

simple_images 0.0.4

Add a simple image attaching functionality to an Active Record model

6,623 ダウンロード

github-rundeck 0.1.3

Github Options Provider for RunDeck

5,479 ダウンロード

danwrong-evil 0.1.2

A simple framework for creating sites from 3rd party data and services

5,258 ダウンロード

poly-cms 0.1.2

Poly is a Ruby CMS with smart asset compiling and much, much more.

5,106 ダウンロード

silw 0.1.0

Read various system stats from local or remote systems and publish them in a simple and...

4,742 ダウンロード

daily_menu_app 0.0.2

This is the application for fetching daily menus

4,503 ダウンロード

itinerary 0.4

A Ruby gem to keep track of travel itineraries.

4,191 ダウンロード

agile-proxy-jruby 0.1.26

An agile, programmable, controllable proxy server for use standalone or as part of an i...

3,822 ダウンロード

tribeca_cms 0.1.1

A custom modification of locomotive

3,819 ダウンロード

chef-rundeck2 0.1.5

Chef Options Provider for RunDeck with Extras

3,599 ダウンロード

oahu-dragonfly 0.8.2

Dragonfly is a framework that enables on-the-fly processing for any content type. It ...

3,558 ダウンロード

waves-stable 2009.3.10

Open-source framework for building Ruby-based Web applications.

3,394 ダウンロード

radiant-rails3 0.1

A fork from the Radiant rails3 branch, based on Radiant 0.9.2a version

3,253 ダウンロード

cloudimages-rundeck 0.1.4

Cloud Image Information Provider for RunDeck

3,178 ダウンロード

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