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rack-cacheの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require rack-cache

phonelib 0.6.51

Google libphonenumber library was taken as a basis for this gem. Gem uses its data ...

17,320,622 ダウンロード

redis-rack-cache 2.2.1

A Redis backend store for Rack::Cache

2,854,683 ダウンロード

restfully 1.3.0

Consume RESTful APIs effortlessly

201,725 ダウンロード

locomotive_cms 2.5.7

LocomotiveCMS is a next generation CMS system with sexy admin tools, liquid templating,...

165,101 ダウンロード

rack-iframe 0.0.3

Rack middleware for enabling problematic web browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari) to...

163,234 ダウンロード

radiant 1.1.4

Radiant is a simple and powerful publishing system designed for small teams. It is buil...

154,975 ダウンロード

constructor-pages 0.9.1

Pages for Constructor CMS

134,926 ダウンロード

trusty-cms 4.3.2

TrustyCms is a simple and powerful publishing system designed for small teams. It is bu...

128,513 ダウンロード

locomotivecms_steam 1.5.3

The LocomotiveCMS Steam is the rendering stack used by both Wagon and Engine

86,754 ダウンロード

murlsh 1.9.3

Host your bookmarks or maintain a link blog

85,990 ダウンロード

frenetic 3.0.1

An opinionated Ruby-based Hypermedia API client.

65,551 ダウンロード

adva-static 0.0.14

Static engine for adva-cms2.

52,793 ダウンロード

attachment_magick 0.3.6

little more magick when you upload image files (with SwfUpload and Dragonfly)

52,775 ダウンロード

almanac 0.9.2

Almanac is the most elegant mountable blog engine that can be easily hooked up in the e...

48,541 ダウンロード

locomotivecms 4.0.3

Locomotive is designed to save your time and help you focus on what matters: front-end ...

44,842 ダウンロード

agile-proxy 0.1.26

An agile, programmable, controllable proxy server for use standalone or as part of an i...

44,212 ダウンロード


Namespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web framewo...

43,203 ダウンロード

waves 0.9.3

Open-source framework for building Ruby-based Web applications.

41,646 ダウンロード

smithycms 0.8.1

Smithy CMS is a Rails Engine built to manage your content easily and play nicely with o...

40,930 ダウンロード

hyperdrive 0.0.25

Ruby DSL for defining self-documenting, HATEOAS™ compliant, Hypermedia API endpoints.

38,790 ダウンロード

triannon 3.1.0

Rails engine for working with OpenAnnotations stored in Fedora4

37,170 ダウンロード

work-bench 1.0.12

A quick and simple local web server for prototyping web applications with HAML, SASS an...

34,725 ダウンロード

brick_layer 0.10.6

Content Management and Endpoint Rails Service Engine

31,482 ダウンロード

imagine 0.3.0

Imagine can be dropped into an app to provide albums and images in your app. It suppor...

30,674 ダウンロード

trellis 0.1.1

A component based web framework

26,798 ダウンロード

releaf-core 2.1.1

Admin interface for RubyOnRails projects inspired by Leaf CMS

26,080 ダウンロード

schnitzelpress 0.2.1

A lean, mean blogging machine for hackers and fools.

24,682 ダウンロード

ample_assets 0.0.7

Drag and Drop Asset Management

18,853 ダウンロード

beats-rack 0.2.3

An assorted collection of Goliath compatible Rack middleware.

15,703 ダウンロード

cacheability 1.2.2

Transparent caching for your HTTP requests (heap, file, memcache). Built-in support for...

14,356 ダウンロード

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