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Dependencias inversas para pygments.rb 1.2.1

buildr 1.5.8

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

1.121.016 Descargas

buildr 1.5.8

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

1.121.016 Descargas

dress_code 1.2.0

Dress Code extracts comment blocks from your stylesheets and creates a styleguide using...

379.768 Descargas

jekyll-asciidoc 3.0.0

A Jekyll plugin that converts the AsciiDoc source files in your site to HTML pages usin...

179.074 Descargas

ghi 1.2.0

GitHub Issues on the command line. Use your `$EDITOR`, not your browser.

171.113 Descargas

softcover 1.6.4

Command-line interface for

154.550 Descargas

qiita-markdown 0.27.0

Qiita-specified markdown processor.

116.563 Descargas

polytexnic 1.5.16

Core translation engine for the softcover gem

101.646 Descargas

asciidoctor-revealjs 4.0.1

Converts AsciiDoc documents into HTML5 presentations designed to be executed by the rev...

99.344 Descargas

opskeleton 0.10.1

Managing services lifecycle from Development to production using Vagrant and Puppet

86.483 Descargas

RTFMd 0.10301.17

A simple, Markdown documentation helper with ronn, gollum, and offline-generation support

83.033 Descargas

review 4.1.0

Re:VIEW is a digital publishing system for books and ebooks. It supports InDesign, EPUB...

67.432 Descargas


LINES lets you manage your posts in a clear, consistent frontend. The gracefully slende...

66.554 Descargas

gi_cat_driver 0.3.2

Configure and control deployed instances of GI-Cat.

62.878 Descargas

chemistrykit 3.10.1

Merged various pull requests including subfolders in beaker directory

52.166 Descargas

rack-blogengine 1.1.0

Blogengine based on rack applications

47.766 Descargas

html-pipeline-linuxfr 0.15.7 HTML processing filters and utilities, adapted from those of GitHub

45.569 Descargas

double_doc 2.2.0

Write documentation with your code, to keep them in sync, ideal for public API docs.

43.068 Descargas

asciidoctor-epub3 1.5.0.alpha.17

An extension for Asciidoctor that converts AsciiDoc documents to EPUB3 and KF8/MOBI (Ki...

42.815 Descargas

slide-em-up 0.3.5

Slide'em up is a presentation tool that displays markdown-formatted slides

36.232 Descargas

retter 0.2.5

Flyweight diary workflow. ruby-1.9.2 or later is required.

29.798 Descargas

rblineprof-browser 1.0.0

A console-based browser for rblineprof results

29.746 Descargas

blogelator 1.0.9

Blogelator is an easy way to add a blog to your Rails app.

29.237 Descargas

makeup 0.4.4

Makeup provides markup rendering and code highlighting. It renders all kinds of markup ...

28.914 Descargas

forem-redcarpet 1.0.2

Provides Recarpet markup (with syntax highlighting by pygments.rb) for Forem posts

28.875 Descargas

kayessess 0.4.0

A Rails plugin/gem for helping to get KSS into your Rails app.

28.346 Descargas

ro 1.4.6

description: ro kicks the ass

26.655 Descargas

hubdown 0.0.15

CLI for GitHub Flavored markdown to html convervsion

24.315 Descargas

tocmd 0.4.3

convert markdown to html with i5ting_ztree_toc plugin

24.268 Descargas

markdpwn 0.3.0

HTML-formats text documents such as Markdown, textile, and source code

21.341 Descargas

Total de descargas 4.323.238

Para esta versión 930.921

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