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faye-websocket 0.11.0

Standards-compliant WebSocket server and client

10,414,920 下載

bosh_cli 1.3262.26.0


1,370,735 下載

gemfury 0.11.0

Hosted repo for your public and private packages at

795,729 下載

dapp 0.36.32

Build docker packaged apps using chef or shell

280,400 下載

tracksperanto 4.1.3

Converts 2D track exports between different apps like Flame, MatchMover, PFTrack...

227,557 下載

s3cp 1.1.42

Amazon S3 tools to, e.g., list, copy, delete S3 files

204,449 下載

jekyll-algolia 1.6.0

Index all your content into Algolia by running `jekyll algolia`

188,265 下載

lederhosen 3.2.1

Various tools for OTU clustering

164,991 下載


Expand the 'vagrant box' command to support the creation of base boxes from scratch

161,341 下載

boxgrinder-build 0.10.4

A tool for creating appliances from simple plain text files for various virtual environ...

127,818 下載

viddl-rb 1.1.1

An extendable commandline video downloader for flash video sites. Includes plugins for ...

111,379 下載

bosh-gen 0.101.2

Generators for creating BOSH releases

96,885 下載

cherrypicker 0.4.0

Cherrypicker is Ruby Gem it lets you download from; Rapidshare and Hotfile

85,951 下載

bookscan 0.5.14

This is a scraper of Bookscan ( Service.This is *NOT* a offic...

62,090 下載

kameleon-builder 2.10.4

The mindful appliance builder

58,371 下載

right_chimp 2.4

The Chimp is a tool for managing servers using the RightScale platform.

55,406 下載

ferry 2.0.0

Ferry is a data migration and visualization command line tool rubygem that seeks to sim...

48,826 下載

depix 3.0.1

Allows you to read and edit DPX file headers parsed into Ruby objects

44,393 下載

blurrily 1.0.2

Native fuzzy string search

43,578 下載

git_fame 2.5.3

A command-line tool that helps you summarize and pretty-print collaborators in a git re...

42,466 下載

bitclust-core 1.2.5

Rurema is a Japanese ruby documentation project, and bitclust is a rurema document proc...

41,244 下載

cwords 0.1.14

Word correlation analysis in ranked nucleotide sequences (bioinformatics)

38,089 下載

flex 1.0.6

Flex is the ultimate ruby client for elasticsearch. It is powerful, fast and efficient,...

37,437 下載

codelation-cli 0.2.0

Command line tool for Codelation tasks

36,068 下載

TrRMIte 7.39.0

Build real-time telephony systems using event sourcing

30,135 下載

geoffrey 1.1.3

Geoffrey is a little helper to aid in the installation of packages and configuration of...

28,745 下載

unit-hosting 0.4.1

This is a command to manage virtual servers on UnitHosting(

26,311 下載

deepsecurity 0.0.25

Trend Micro DeepSecurity Wrapper

25,503 下載

abstract_importer 1.6.0

Provides services for the mass-import of complex relational data

23,778 下載

commendo 2.1.0

A Jaccard-similarity recommender using Redis sets or MySQL

23,605 下載

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