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Dependencias inversas para parse-cron Latest version of the following gems require parse-cron

sensu 1.9.0

A monitoring framework that aims to be simple, malleable, and scalable.

772.193 Descargas

sensu-settings 10.17.0

The Sensu settings library, loader and validator

357.748 Descargas

foreman-tasks 5.1.1

The goal of this plugin is to unify the way of showing task statuses across the Foreman...

340.762 Descargas

rservicebus 0.1.77

A Ruby interpretation of NServiceBus

242.745 Descargas

uv-rays 2.4.7

Opinionated abstractions for Libuv

75.247 Descargas

servicemonitor 0.3.0

The fastest way to reliably monitor your system.

43.498 Descargas

minicron 0.7.11

A system to make it easier to manage and monitor cron jobs. Please note new versions ar...

32.626 Descargas

rservicebus2 0.2.26

A Ruby interpretation of NServiceBus

32.556 Descargas

aebus 0.3.1

A tool to automate snapshot management in EC2

26.709 Descargas

lucid-cumulus 0.11.21

Cumulus allows you to manage your AWS infrastructure by creating JSON configuration fil...

25.763 Descargas

slacky 0.3.5

Carbon Five Slack bot gem

23.933 Descargas

tasks_scheduler 0.6.9

Scheduler for Rake tasks.

19.675 Descargas

sidekiq-repeat 0.2.0

This gem adds recurring jobs to Sidekiq. It is heavily inspired by the sidekiq-dejavu a...

14.521 Descargas

servicesnapshot 0.1.2

The fastest way to get a snapshot of your system.

12.052 Descargas

em-cron 0.2.0

Simple Eventmachine library for running code on a schedule using the crontab syntax.

11.963 Descargas

sidekiq_schedulable 0.1.1

Schedule Cron style Sidekiq jobs

11.166 Descargas

sidekiq-dejavu 0.0.4

Dejavu uses Sidkiq's internal scheduling so it doesn't need its own clock and integrate...

9.812 Descargas

qpush 0.1.10

Fast and simple job queue microservice for Ruby.

9.558 Descargas

whenever-delorean 0.2.1

Helper for integration testing. It helps you trigger your whener runners.

7.896 Descargas

skiplock 1.0.24

High performance ActiveJob Queue Adapter for PostgreSQL that provides maximum reliabili...

6.954 Descargas

datapipe 0.0.3

Helping to move data around your system

6.579 Descargas

aws_cron 0.1.4

AWS Elastic Beanstalk cron scheduling support

6.436 Descargas

mobb 0.5.1

Mobb provides bot DSL

6.384 Descargas

fluent-plugin-presto_query 0.0.3

Fluentd Input plugin to execute Presto query and fetch rows.

4.820 Descargas

fluent-plugin-exec_cron 0.0.3

executes external programs with cron syntax.

3.934 Descargas

qbot 0.1.10

Tiny chatbot flamework.

2.818 Descargas

dbcron 0.0.1

Distributed cron powered by your database

2.115 Descargas

cumulus-aws 0.11.1

Cumulus allows you to manage your AWS infrastructure by creating JSON configuration fil...

1.893 Descargas

rslack 0.2.7

super simple ruby slack bot framework.

1.602 Descargas

nasne_checker 0.1.0

A tool to check resavation on nasne and post to slack.

1.371 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.059.476

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